When worlds collide…

When worlds collide by V-Light Photography
21.07.2015 | Gasometer, Vienna, Austria


   Everything is falling into the sun…

one side is the obvious and the real

the other is made out of reflections and fragments of reality

that stand on true foundations still.

Both sides are burning, yearning to feel the same

mirroring each other

they communicate much more than the eye can see.

Only way you can understand it

is to let go of what you think you knew

and let your heart feel the glory

without bounds, without fear.


Hello dear friends,

  It’s been the most weird and but also beautiful time for me.  The longer study times (7:30 until 16:30) during the very intensive Web-Design module, are exhausting, especially for a very active person like me, who is forced to sit in front of a computer the whole day, i’m turning into a zombie couch-potato. P.s. we don’t even have an internet connection there, so no side-browsing or time to check social media, etc! This whole thing has been taking toll in many aspects of my life but i’m still thankful that i can learn so many new things that will definitely help me progress.

  My photography has been temporarily put on the back burner again, my personal life and my well being need to come first but do not fear, i will keep coming back again. This blog and the lovely community here mean too much to me, so even if i wander away for some time i will always find my way back. ^^’

  Hope you are all doing well! Sending all my love from the sunny but cold Vienna…Waiting for the spring to come 😀

All rights reserved © V-Light


8 thoughts on “When worlds collide…

    1. Hello dear Robert, been fighting with migraines, almost everyday, cause of the 9 hours in front of a computer screen and terrible seat combo! But only 3 weeks left and the Web Design module will be over…then i will have more time and no migraines hopefully! Hope you are doing better! Lot’s of love from Vienna!

  1. Hi dear Alex, absolutely stunning photo and words. Seems you are very busy and happy, too. I really envy you a little. Thanks for asking how we are, everything as usual. We are waiting for the spring, too, it’s still very cold here, too. Have a nice day, kind regards Mitza

    1. Hello dear Mitza! Thank you for the kind comment! Spring is officially here in Vienna, we are already having the first warm days with 19C…Very lovely! Hoping it’s as nice there as well! Many greetings from Vienna!

      1. Hi dear Alex, so good to hear from you. Vienna is much more south than Hamburg and warmer. We still have it a bit cold but slowly slowly (siga siga) it will become warmer and I don’t need anymore woollen coat etc. Greetings from the North, Mitza

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