Maria vom Siege

Maria vom Siege by V-Light Photography
07.09.2015 | Maria vom Siege, Vienna, Austria


Hello dear friends,

Β  Maria vom Siege (“Mary of the Victory”) is one of the most overlooked churches in Vienna. Located in the 15th district, not faraway from the train station Westbahnhof, the area is not exactly a tourist magnet but in my eyes it’s still a very beautiful building that’s worth visiting. When i took this photo there were some restorations going on but they should be done by now! More photos coming up πŸ˜‰ Happy weekend you all!

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10 thoughts on “Maria vom Siege

  1. It really looks beautiful, dear Alex and I hope you go there again when the scaffold is gone, because I want to see the whole beauty. Hope you find the same beautiful sky this day. Have a nice weekend, dear Alex, kind regards Mitza

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