If the world would end…

If the world would end by V-Light Photography
05.06.2016 | Augartenbrücke, Vienna, Austria


Hello my lovely people! 😀

  The crazy weather, still reigns here in Vienna but i can’t complain…I got some very special skies to photograph and that makes me happy of course! Getting wet was only a minor detail, i was still running around with a huge grin on my face! 😉 Would it be weird if i wished for more weather like this?

All rights reserved © V-Light

22 thoughts on “If the world would end…

    1. Thank you dear Robert! I got through a rough time but it’s getting better now, i’m positive it will all be good again. Will probably write a post about it, before i start to regularly post again. How are you doing? I hope everything is going well for you! Many greetings from a hot Vienna!

  1. Great colors, photo and composition, dear Alex. You seem to have a lot of rain in Vienna like in Bavaria. We have wonderful sunny, hot weather without a cloud at the sky. You must come here, hehe. Good to hear that you are feeling good, kind regards gia sou, Mitza

    1. Thank you dear Mitza! It doesn’t rain that often but i really like it, when it does! Summer storms are the best for dramatic skies! 😀 I hope you are well and enjoying your summer! Best regards, Alex!

      1. Hi Alex, you probably have better weather in Vienna than we had in the last weeks. Not one day without rain and quite cold 18-20 degrees. That’s not summer for me. How I dream of the blue Greek sky… Thanks for your regards, have a good time, Mitza

        1. The weather here is very unstable…we have a few days of extreme heat 30+ and next day comes a storm and suddenly we have 20! But i don’t mind…as said it’s great weather for photos and i don’t have time for vacations, so the weather doesn’t ruin anything for me! 😛 Raining all the time of course doesn’t sound like fun, i hope you get better weather there so you can enjoy your summer more! Any plans to going to Greece again soon?

  2. Hehe, last weekend we got smashed by storms down the east Australian coast. That said, as a camera wielding tragic, you just love those cloudy skies.
    Tonight it was nice and clear though, perfect to go down and take some photos of the Sydney Opera House acting as a canvas to this years Vivid light festival.
    Oh, and beautiful image, Alex!

    1. Hey Distan! Thank you very much! Nice to hear from you!:) I was again gone for way too long, i’m sorry for the late reply! Did you post any photos of this years Vivid Light Festival? I don’t seem to find anything on your blog!

    1. Hello dear Diana! Yes, i’m still in Vienna, no plans to go anywhere else anytime soon 🙂 If you happen to come here, let me know! Would be happy to show you around!

  3. I like your photography and am interested in painting your storm photo. I would be happy to pay a user fee if you are interested. I paint in a photorealistic style and I like imaginary realism. You can see my art at russelldodds.com.

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