Urania dressed in blue

13.11.2016 | Vienna, Austria
13.11.2016 | Vienna, Austria

One blue afternoon i was chasing the yellow lights and got lost in a photographic trance…

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10 thoughts on “Urania dressed in blue

  1. that’s really so beautiful, dear Alex. A very good composition. Hope you’re fine. My son might study in Vienna soon. Then I will visit him there and look at all the beautiful old houses and doors. Hope we meet then. Have a wonderful day, best regards Mitza

    1. Hello dear Mitza! πŸ˜€ Nice to hear from you. How are you doing? What does your son want to study in Vienna? If you come, we must meet πŸ˜€ I would really love to go on a photo walk with you! I’m doing fine, been really bad with my time management, haha :p After the Graphic Design studies, i thought i had the freedom of time to work on my things as i wanted and look for a job but i was send to a 3 month course, Communication and Team management & conflicts, it goes until the end of January so my program is totally full again. But on the other hand i’m learning really interesting and useful things there and now i’m trying to still find time to get back on track with my things cause i feel it very strongly that it’s not doing me good when i leave photography for so long… Best regards, Alex

      1. Thanks a lot for your interesting news, dear Alex. I’m glad for you that everything works out fine for you in Vienna. We always pass the airport of Vienna when we go to Kefalonia. I’m more or less fine. Unfortunately, we have to move away from Hamburg soon.
        My son first studied psychology and then japanology and wants to make his phd in japanology there. Would be nice to meet you. Have fun, enjoy life, kind regards Mitza

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