Frozen night

20.12.2016 | Vienna, Austria
20.12.2016 | Vienna, Austria

Ho ho ho!!! Christmas is almost here and it finally snowed in Vienna! ❄️ After the Bella photos i had planned to post some autumn photos but i actually found a job and since the 1. December I’ve been working full-time as a graphic designer and photographer, so no time again. But i’ll keep my promise and post often, even if the seasons doesn’t match! 😛 For now enjoy some snowed up Vienna photos! Cheers!

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3 thoughts on “Frozen night

  1. Unglaublich tolle Stimmung die du da festgehalten hast😃. Dein Auge für das Besondere ist ein Geschenk. Ich erfreue mich immer wieder an deinen Blickwinkeln auf die Welt. Danke für’s teilen.

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