Hello world!

My name is Alexandra Konstantinoudi but you can call me Alex 

I’m a Photographer/Graphic Designer, currently living in Vienna, Austria. I was born and raised in a small village by the sea in Greece, called Kriopigi.

50% Greek, 50% Austrian, 100% Universal

In 2005 i moved to Thessaloniki, Greece and studied Photography at Applied Art Studies (partner institute of UCLAN – Preston, UK). In 2008 i graduated and got my Bachelor of Arts in Commercial and Creative photography.


Photography to me, is not just capturing a moment in time but capturing what that moment made me feel and sharing the beauty of  it. When someone tells me that my photo made them dream or made them feel like they were there, then that’s the biggest compliment.”

In December 2012, after a lot of struggle and not being able to find a stable job in Thessaloniki, due to the economic crisis etc, i had to move back to my village. This was a big turning point in my life and i decided to focus on my creative side and make the most out of this negative situation.

In August 2013, i started this blog and it was one of the best decisions i ever made. The WordPress community is amazing! ♥

I also self-published my first book in January 2014. “Visions” is a collection of 140+ nature related photos taken between 2006-2013.

You can preview and buy the print version here: http://www.blurb.com/b/5117290-visions

Visions by V-Light Photography
An E-Book version is also available for only $9.99

After spending more than a year in this forsaken little village, i decided i had to do something drastic so i can get out of there! To finance my move to Austria, my crowdfunding campaign “Art Sale for a New Life” on IndieGogo was born! It was a big challenge, required unimagined amount of work but it was an amazing experience as well.

The support and genuine interest i received was overwhelming and i’m so grateful for all the people who contributed in any way they could and made this a successful campaign by reaching 101% of the funding goal. Thank you all! ♥

“It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that my prints found a home all around the world!”

Art Sale for a New Life

“I love landscape photography (both natural and urban landscapes). I also enjoy to do macro, action and sports, real estate, architecture photography, artistic events, creative and alternative portraits.”

“I can wake up early just to get that shot, or i can wait for hours until the light is right. So if you wanna be my friend, be prepared! It can get brutal! ;)”



  •  Edinburgh University PhotoSoc “Elements & Journeys” at The Mash House, Edinburgh, 29.03.2014


  • FOAPTH “Annual Photography Exhibition” at Architecture showroom, AUTH, Thessaloniki, 17.05.2013


  • Art Beyond Benefits Festival at Cantina Social, Psirri, Athens, 24.08.2012
  • FOAPTH “Annual Photography Exhibition” at Architecture showroom, AUTH, Thessaloniki, 11.05.2012


  • FOAPTH “Annual Photography Exhibition” at Nautical club of Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, 11.05.2011


  • Mind Prisons at Art House, Thessaloniki, 14.01.2009


  • Best of Art and Design at AAS Gallery, Thessaloniki, 11.06.2008
  • Forward in Time (1st Biennale of Thessaloniki) at AAS Gallery, Thessaloniki, 15.04.2008


  • Pure Art and Design at AAS Gallery, Thessaloniki, 14.06.2007


  • Designing a new world at AAS Gallery, Thessaloniki, 21.06.2006



11 thoughts on “About V-Light

  1. Nice meeting you Alex!
    I just found your page on another Photography Blog & I like what you are doing! This profile pic above (with the painting) tells a lot and is stunning 🙂 Kind regards from a New Follower, also Enthusiastic Photographer!

    1. Hey 🙂 Thank you so much for the kind words! I really appreciate you following me 🙂 Photography is such a beautiful way to capture what talks to our souls and that has always been my goal.

      Best regards,


    1. Thank you very much Susan, for taking the time to check out my blog and deciding to follow me. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here 😀

      My best wishes,


  2. Bonjour Alex

    I was honoured that you took time to look at my pictures. Ihave only scratched the surface of your wonderful blog but found myself spellbound by your Visions ebook photos and feel inspired to try and produce one myself – do you recommend Blurb? is it user friendly?

    Looking forward to coming back for a longer and more liesurely visit soon.



    1. Hello Dan 🙂

      Thank you for taking the time to leave me such a nice comment, it is much appreciated! Blurb is a great site and offers many tools for you to create your book. Initially my book was available only as a printed copy, i wanted to make a collection with my old photos, not a lot of text, i made it mainly for me but if anyone else was interested as well, why not? 🙂 My experience with making and designing the book was very smooth…Blurb offers some free software with a lot of templates and you can customize them as you wish. It was very easy and you can effortlessly create a professional and clean looking book. What i don’t like about Blurb is that it is very expensive…You need to buy a copy of your own book before it can be available for sale and the price is just too high in my opinion, leaving you with just a tiny margin for profit. And even if you say that you don’t want to make any profit i still find the base price rather high. The print quality is amazing though. I recently decided to make the book available as an e-book too and again had to pay something for that to happen…but you can have more profit from the e-book since there is no expensive printing and shipping involved. I’m just not sure if you can make only an e-book and have no printed version available…I can look it up for you if you want. That said, i do recommend Blurb and i will use it again for some future books that i have in mind 😉

      Best regards,


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