Watch Vagabond

HELP!!! I’m addicted to watches!!!

Hello my lovelies,

it’s my birthday today and I thought that this is the perfect time to announce a new project I’ve been working on since the beginning of January.

If you happen to like watches you will love this πŸ˜‰

It all began on 19 December when during a walk I had the epiphany that I could combine my two passions, photography and watches. I called it Watch Vagabond, since I’ll be showing only affordable watches, I don’t have a job and I wander all the time!Β  Perfect match!!! I’ll be taking my watches on adventures and photograph them, in the future the concept might evolve and that’s why I love this idea, I’ve been super creative and motivated since I started this, not only concerning this project but also with my photography in general! Win-Win! πŸ˜€

You can follow me on Instagram if you are a social media freak like me:

You can also visit the website to see all the photos there: www.watchvagabond.comΒ 

Hope you enjoy this!

Yours truly,



Taking a break…

Dear friends,

I won’t be active on this blog for a few months. I need time to figure out where I’m heading with my photography and what the goal of this blog is.

Thank you for your continuous support and I hope I’ll see you again soon.

Yours truly,

Alex V-Light



2 years in Vienna

Hello my lovely people,

Β  Today i celebrate 2 years from the day i left Greece and moved to Vienna! The best decision i ever made! 😁 I’m so thankful for all the amazing opportunities and lovely people who entered my life, i couldn’t have made it without you! β™₯ Cheers!!!

P.s. Photography blog posts are coming up soon! Now that i’m finished with my Graphic Design studies, i got time to breathe again! πŸ˜‰

Don’t forget, if you need a dose of V-Light you can always follow me on Instagram where i post snapshots of my life in Austria!

Yours truly,

Alex V-Light




Fireworks and celebrations

"Lichterfest 2015", 01.08.2015 | Alte Donau, Vienna, Austria
“Lichterfest 2015”, 01.08.2015 | Alte Donau, Vienna, Austria


Hello my dear friends,

Β  Last night was the night of the “Lichterfest”, a beautiful show with fireworks and romantic boat rides under the moonlight. Unfortunately, i came a little late to the party and didn’t have time to set up my camera, so i missed a good 5 minutes from the 15 that the fireworks lasted. I think this is probably the best shot i got from last night, the one with most colors combined at least! πŸ˜€

Β  It was a beautiful night and for me it was also a nice way to celebrate my recent success…After going through a tough preparation and selection period, i was chosen amongst many candidates, to be granted a full year of intensive studies and practical training on Graphic Design, Multimedia and Marketing communication. 😍 A new chapter begins this September… Another dream comes true…

Β  It all feels so unreal…I feel so blessed that i’ve been given this amazing opportunity, which i would have never gotten if i had stayed in Greece. I miss my family and my friends, on nights like yesterday even more… but this is my time… it’s time to finally find my way and create a life for me…

Β  Cue the fireworks!!! πŸŽ†πŸŽ†πŸŽ†

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Creative Blogger Award

Hello my friends,

I have something different for you today, Beatrice from ShootingVienna has nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award. Since i’m kinda stuck in a rut with my photography, i thought this may be a good opportunity to make a post about something totally unrelated and get them engines going πŸ™‚

The rules are simple: The nominee is requested to share 5 random facts about oneself and is supposed to nominateΒ 15-20 other bloggers to do so as well. Or less if you can’t think of so many persons πŸ˜›

So here 5 random facts about me, i hope you enjoy them!

  • 1) You probably already know that i’m half Austrian and half Greek. Well, my Austrian side is mostly Austrian with a taste of Hungarian and a pinch of Croatian. So yeah, i’m pretty mixed up! XD
  • 2) Before i decided that i wanted to study photography and be a photographer, i seriously considered, a career as: a track athlete, a detective, an archeologist, an architect, a graphic designer (this might actually come true soon), a pilot, a stewardess, an aircraft mechanic, a computer technician…what else? You get the point…I envy the people who have one true passion in their lives…I never knew…Still don’t know… πŸ˜•
  • 3) I don’t like coffee, i don’t like Nutella, i don’t like Bacon, i don’t like Angelina Jolie, i don’t like Brad Pitt and basically all the people who are considered to be the world’s most beautiful. I like natural beauty, rough features, imperfections, scars, all these movie stars and supermodels that are being adored are totally indifferent to me. Also on this topic, kinda, i’m really proud cause i never owned/wore a Converse shoe! Even when they were so much in demand and practically everyone in the world owned at least one pair…i never did! 😎 I’m such a rebel, i know…Hahaha…
  • 4) I’m a nerd!Β ^^’ I love gaming, computers and anything technical. They say girls aren’t good at that stuff. Think again.. I’ve been a gamer since 1988, had a PC (Amstrad CPC 464) since i was 3 years old, i was programming my own games in BASIC, well my dad is to blame for that! But for a kid that grew up in a remote village of 500 people that were living in a world at least 20 years back in time, i have to thank my dad for being so ahead of his time and introduced me to a world that the other kids in my village got to know when they were teens…and some not even then…
  • 5) Weirdly, my vision is perfect, even though i’ve spend countless hours in front of computer screens and i say that because as a teen i was obsessed and wanted to wear glasses! I intentionally sat in a dark room and played games for hours to cause eye strain and damage my vision so i could get to wear glasses! XD It never happened! I still find glasses totally sexy on other people… but i can live without them now…

I nominate these lovely bloggers for the Creative Blogger Award:

  • Diogo from Life In A Photograph, my awesome pirate/photographer matey capturing gorgeous landscapes from Portugal, always wonders where the rum has gone…
  • Monika from You Get The Pic, fellow multicultural Canon lover, currently to be found in the dreamy CΓ΄te d’Azur
  • Sue from Words Visual, beautiful photo studies and inspired words
  • Lia from Lia in Brussels, educational and enjoyable walks in museums and several cities of the world
  • Kongo from Travel Monkey, a monkey that travels and takes photos? You bet and they are lovely!
  • Mitza from Made By Mitza, flowers, doors, Greece, jewelery and all that is beautiful
  • Lignum Draco from Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera, the best street and candid photography there is, you might also enjoy his vivid randomness

Please take some time to check out their blogs if you are not already familiar with them! They are all awesome people, with great photography and great attitude! If you got nominated and don’t feel like doing this, no worries but i must say, i’m really curious to read 5 random facts about you πŸ˜€


Total Eclipse and New Beginnings

V-Light is officially Austrian
“The happy “I’m Austrian” selfie” | Vienna, Austria

Hello my dear friends!!!

Β Β  Today is not just the total solar eclipseπŸŒ‘, or my 6 month anniversary of moving to Vienna πŸŽ‰ but also….***drum roll*** officially my first day here as an Austrian citizen! If that’s not a reason to celebrate, i don’t know what it! Schnitzels are on me but bring your own beer please! XD

Β  I may have encountered various delays, terrible bureaucracy but i’m so thankful for the incredible support i received from my family and so, things are finally looking brighter! In the beginning of April, i will be moving to another apartment, still haven’t found one but staying positive it will work out! It’s not that easy to find good roommates, who don’t smoke, are not party animals and enjoy a clean house! Hopefully i can find something where i can stay for at least a year so i can have my peace of mind that i won’t need to move again so soon.

Β Β  How has the eclipse treated you? Supposedly it will bring a lot of changes…hopefully all good! Take care and lot’s of virtual hugs from me 🐻

Yours truly,

Alex V-Light

30 + Priorities

I'm 30 now, i should get serious...NOT
I’m 30 now, i should get serious…NOT

Hello my dear friends,

Β  Last week was my birthday, on the 20th of January i turned 30! πŸŽ‰ Yeah i know, it’s crazy, i feel like 20 still… I have no idea how a whole decade went by so fast. My best friend from Greece came for a visit, so my birthday was a week-long fest, including endless walks all around Vienna, lots of beer, Schnapps, a Sacher-Torte from my lovely roommates and no time to update this blog! πŸ˜‡

Β  I know that since my move to Vienna i haven’t been posting a lot… I have been shooting a lot but i’m going through a weird period of not liking my work and feeling the need to re-evaluate many things. A change of scenery comes with many changes that i had not anticipated…

Β  I wanted to say that i’m sorry for not being online a lot, it’s not only my blog that i have neglected but all other social media as well. I will try my best to re-focus and organize my time so i can start posting on a more regular basis and of course not miss your posts. I’ll slap myself in the face if i have to but i’ll make this work! πŸ˜›

Β  Sending you my best wishes from a cold and awaiting snowfall Vienna,

Yours truly,

Alex V-Light

2014 Review, 2015 Goals?

Hello my dear friends,

Β  Only a few hours left for 2014 to end and i can say that it was a very intense and interesting year. Last year i made a list of goals for the first time in my life, i had no idea how i was going to realize them, one year later, i can look back and be amazed that i made 9 out of the 10 goals happen! πŸ˜€

2014 Goals

  • Move out of my parents house (obviously number 1 priority)
  • Move to Austria and find a job or win the Lottery so i can stay 6 months in Austria and 6 in Greece ( A girl can dream)
  • Get a drivers license so i can have the freedom to roam around wherever i want
  • Support and promote my work more
  • Manage my time better = Work harder
  • Take more photos (so i can start making more posts again)
  • Make more videos
  • Kick some ass!!! πŸ™‚

I think it’s safe to say that 2014 was a great year for me, i put a lot of hard work into it and it paid off. Here i am now, writing from Vienna, one year ago i could never imagine how this could ever happen…

So let’s see some of 2014’s highlights

  • Self-published my first book in January 2014. β€œVisions” is a collection of 140+ nature related photos taken between 2006-2013.
  • I finally bought a smartphone and made an Instagram account! A real highlight, i know…haha! πŸ˜›
  • Learned a lot about social media and marketing and actually found out that it’s a field that interests me a lot and brings me joy.
  • My crowdfunding campaign β€œArt Sale for a New Life” got 101% funded, thanks to all the lovely supporters out there! β™₯β™₯β™₯ It was a real success and i’m so proud of that!
  • Moved to Vienna, Austria!!! Yay!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
  • Discovered a new and more confident side of myself. Austria seems to be the right place for me! Sorry Greece, never felt comfortable in your arms…

For 2015, i don’t feel the need to make a list of goals. The big change of scenery has been made and the road is paved for me to follow my natural evolution. I’m ready for new experiences, new views, new knowledge and i will try to express this fresh outlook through my art. 2015 is going to be quite interesting, i can tell you that πŸ˜‰

I wish you all a beautiful transition to the New Year!!! Make 2015 what you want it to be!!! πŸ€

Thank you for being with me on this amazing ride β™₯β™₯β™₯

V-Light in the snow
You can follow me on Instagram: @Alex_V_Light

P.s. Snowy photos are coming up!!! ❄❄❄ I was away for a few days on a visit to my relatives in upper Austria and i finally got to see snow!!! I love snow!!! You can see my happy face in the photo πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Yours truly,

Alex V-Light

Updated About V-Light and V-Light Supporters

Hello my dear friends,

Β  I finally got the time to sit down and update some stuff on my blog :D. Feel free to check out the updated “About V-Light” and “V-Light Supporters” tabs. I’m still awaiting more submissions from people who got a print from my art sale, so more photos will be added soon. If you have a print and you haven’t submitted your photo yet, this is your chance πŸ˜€ It’s really amazing to finally see this page online and it only makes me so happy to visit it and be reminded of the wonderful people who support what i do! I cannot thank you all enough! β™₯

So that’s all for now, just a quick update post, tomorrow i’ll be back with a photo post as usual! πŸ˜€

Wishing you all a great week and sending you many greetings from a cloudy and cold Vienna!

Yours truly,

Alex V-Light