Sunset at the Concert Hall

Sunset at the Concert Hall by V-Light
Thessaloniki Concert Hall | 20.10.2013


Β  I remember when i first saw this building, i wasn’t very impressed. I even thought it looked kinda ugly and maybe too modern for this city but one afternoon i discovered all its brilliance. I’m no architect so perhaps i’m not able to appreciate all the aspects of it, so when i was hearing about the Japanese architect (Arata Isozaki) who designed it and how innovative it was and blah blah…I must admit i was like “that’s all crap”…But now i see it. The way it was designed and placed near the waterfront was all intentional. With its glass exterior it manages to merge with the surrounding landscape. It looks like you can see right through it but the continuation of the sea and the horizon is only a reflection…If that’s not genius i don’t know what is!

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