Wiener Rettung

Wiener Rettung by V-Light
The central first aid/rescue center in Vienna, Austria.


  This beautiful building can be found in the 3rd disctrict of Vienna, in Radetzkystraße 1. The rescue center was built in 1897-1899 by Ferdinand Hrach and Franz Gruber. The bust displayed in the center of the building is a portrait of Jaromir Mundy, founder of the First-Aid Society. For this photo i used Analog Efex Pro 2 to give it a more vintage treatment since i finally managed to get a photo of it without any cars in the way, so i thought i could play a bit and make it look older 😀 What do you think? 

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Urania Sternwarte

Urania_side by V-Light
“Urania” a public educational institute and observatory in Vienna, Austria.


Hello my dear friends,

  In one of my first walks in my new neighborhood, this is the building that stood out in my eyes… There is a sign on the other side with the name Urania, which is actually a greek word translating as sky but also the name Urania refers to the muse of astronomy as told in the Greek mythology. So i wondered what this building is, since it has a very peculiar architecture style. After doing some research online i found that it was actually built to be a public educational institute and an observatory. Urania, was built in 1910 by architect Max Fabiani. This Art Nouveau building, is also said to resemble a weirdly shaped ship, which i guess you can kinda see in the photograph below 😛

Urania V-Light

  During World War II, it got severely damaged resulting into a completely destroyed dome and observatory. Thankfully it was all reconstructed and with an even improved observatory, the Urania reopened in 1957. Today, the Urania hosts a wide-range of classes and lectures in the seminar rooms, the annual Viennale film festival that screens in the movie theater and a puppet theater originally created by Hans Kraus. In 2003, a contemporary cafe bar/restaurant was also opened on the lower deck offering a great view at the Donau Canal.

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Uniqa Tower

Uniqa Tower by V-Light

  When you think about Vienna, you think classic and romantic but Vienna is making a move towards the new era. Skyscrapers and modern glass buildings are making their presence known in the Vienna skyline and i think they blend rather well with the rest of the environment.

  The Uniqa Tower was build in a little less than 3 years (October 2001 – June 2004) by the architect Heinz Neumann. It’s not one of the highest buildings, at 75meters it ranks number 28 in the list but i still think it’s quite impressive. We will visit many, if not all of the top ranked buildings in the Vienna highest list in future posts. I cannot lie, i’m a sucker when it comes to shiny reflecting things! 😀

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