Globe Head

Globe Head by V-Light


Hello friends ๐Ÿ˜€

ย  Continuing my street art posts with another beautiful wall mural in Thessaloniki. This is one of my favorites! I absolutely love the colors and it’s quite impressive in size ๐Ÿ™‚ I think i do have some older photos of the whole mural but i cannot find them at the moment, will keep looking for them though ๐Ÿ™‚

ย  Yesterday i started my Art-Sale, to fund part of my moving expenses to Austria. It’s already going overwhelmingly well, i couldn’t even sleep from all the excitement ๐Ÿ˜€ย  It’s been only 24 hours and i already reached 22% of my funding goal. But we cannot rest, it’s important to gain some momentum in the first days so i can have a better chance of reaching my goal ๐Ÿ˜€ย  To do that i’m gonna need all the help i can get, so please keep sharing! ๐Ÿ˜€ If you haven’t seen my campaign yet, please visit the link bellow to read all the details and check out the sweet perks ๐Ÿ˜‰

it has begun

Thank you for your support ๐Ÿ˜€


Art Sale for a new life – Be a part of it


Hello my dear friends! ๐Ÿ˜€

ย  The time has come!!! I just launched my Indiegogo campaign, or as i like to call it, Art Sale! I really don’t see this as a crowdfunding campaign. Yes, it is a way to help me fund my dream but it’s also a way to share what i do with the world and give something nice back in return.

ย  I’ve never done anything like this before and i would lie if i’d say that i don’t feel super nervous about putting myself out there. But the dream is stronger and since i already closed my ticket to Austria, now i need to find a way to fund my moving expenses.

If you’d like to help click on the link bellow to be taken to my campaign page:

Art Sale for a new life:


ย Some of the things you can get include:

Your favorite V-Light photo in Postcard sized print, A4 and A3 photographic print.


Limited edition print of the iconic Salem Mansion, with a special vintage look.

Limited Edition Salem Mansion by V-Light

An E-Book version of my book Visions (not available anywhere else)


ย And last but not least, by contributing just 1$, you will get your name immortalized into a unique V-Light artwork that i will create specifically for this campaign. It will be proudly displayed here on my website and will be available for you to download. Contributions over 1$ automatically gain this perk!ย 

ย Your support will be greatly appreciated! Remember, even if you cannot contribute a single dollar you can still help by sharing this campaign with your friends! ๐Ÿ™‚

ย Let’s make this happen!!!

ย P.s. If you share my campaign on social media you can use the hash-tag #VlightArtSale, so i can see your posts ๐Ÿ˜€

Myro Antiques House | Body Painting Show : Elizabeth Petrou : Connection/Interaction II


Hello my dear friends.

I had the pleasure to work with the very talented Elizabeth Petrou once again, this time with a very different concept. The body-painting show took place at the Myro Antiques house before the planned auction. Many people enjoyed the show as they waited for the auction to begin.

The lighting conditions in this place were really bad but i think i managed to get some good shots, all using the available light.

Please enjoy a full screen slideshow (click on an image to start it):



Make-up artist: Elizabeth Petrou

Models: Demetra De Angelis & Elio Il Boss Siderhs

Myro Antiques House:

University of Edinburgh Photographic Society, “Elements & Journeys” Exhibition



Hello my dear friends!

ย  I’m very happy to share with you this exhibition that i was blessed to be a part of. PhotoSoc is the photographic society of the University of Edinburgh that was founded in 1890 and it’s the older and largest university photographic society in the UK. FOAPTH (Photography Club of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) is an independent photography society based in Greece that was founded in 1987. For more than 25 years, the society has organized photography lessons, trips, exhibitions and other photography related activities.

ย  2014 marks FOAPTH’s first collaboration with PhotoSoc, with an entry of 15 photos for the “Elements” category. As a member of FOAPTH, i participated with 2 photos, choosing the element of water. The opening of the exhibition took place at the Mash House in Edinburgh, on the 29th of March. I had no way to be there but luckily one of the FOAPTH members, Vasilis, had moved to Edinburgh a few months ago and took some photos of the exhibition.

PhotoSoc 2014_Emerald Lake by V-Light
Emerald Lake of Skra
PhotoSoc 2014_Little Waterfall by V-Light
Little Waterfall in Skra



PhotoSoc 2014_Little Waterfall_2 by V-Light

PhotoSoc 2014_Emerald Lake_2 by V-Light

ย  Now my photos can brag about having been in Edinburgh! One day, i hope i can say i’ve been to Edinburgh myself! ๐Ÿ˜€ Who knows what the future holds but one thing we do know, 15 photos of PhotoSoc members will in turn be displayed in the annual FOAPTH exhibition in late May in Thessaloniki, Greece.


For more photos of the exhibition you can visit this link:



Vasilis Tsitlakidis:

And then there was a magical full moon…

16.03.2014 | 18:50pm | Full moon rising over the Toronean Gulf
16.03.2014 | 18:50pm | Full moon rising over the Toronean Gulf


Hello my dear friends ๐Ÿ™‚ (long post below, if you intent to read it better grab a cup of tea or coffee :p)

ย  As you probably already know, i’m facing a serious standstill in my life at the moment. Being stuck at my parents house, in a little village with no inspiring environment and grumpy people all around, i’m just feeling my creativity and life-force being drained out of me. In my try to keep a positive outlook, i made my first bookย Visions, i’m working on some videos that i’ll share with you soon, i try to shoot something every day and view things with a different eye but you know sometimes it’s just really hard to believe that things will somehow get better, when nothing seems to be changing. I must admit i was quite depressed these days…until i saw that moon…

ย  It might not be a great photo, the colors are a bit exaggerated but this is how i perceived this moment. I climbed at the construction site next to my house and waited…The moon started to rise at 18:35pm. I have never witnessed the moon rising over the sea and i must say, i was blown away…In this photo the moon was already higher, the lower view was not so great as all you could see is ugly houses and rooftops with antennas. I wanted to keep it minimal and focus on what i actually saw and ignored all the surroundings.

ย  This was a magical moment for me, a wake up call. Seeing this filled me up with power, beauty and hope that soon enough i’ll be able to view new landscapes and fill my eyes and my heart with new images, people and places…I don’t know when or how i can make this happen but i know it will happen…If i have to be real with you, it really pisses me off that i can’t post any new photos when i have such a hunger to create and explore new places. If you could just put me in a new environment with just my camera, i’d be in paradise. It’s crazy but this standstill is actually a blessing in a way, cause i realized my great need to evolve and create. Now, i just have to get out of this place and i’ll be really happy! I really can’t stand negative people and especially those who love their misery and don’t want anyone around to be happy.

ย  Not much is being said about Greece and the economic crisis anymore, things are getting better they say but no one is mentioning the mentality of the people here. It’s just tragic to see the youth have no dreams, to do nothing because we have a crisis anyway, what is the point of trying, right? Not everyone is like that but i think it’s safe to say that an 80% is totally apathetic and negative. And i experienced that very well with the launch of my book…The only positive comments i have gotten were from foreign people, who actually view that creating a book is an achievement and something to be proud of. The comments i have gotten from Greek people and followers that previously enjoyed my work are of this kind “why would you even bother to make this?”, “like anyone is going to buy it”, “who do you think you are and you make a book?”…I mean seriously? Why so much animosity? I would be happy for anyone who made something that they are proud of! Even if this is not the greatest book on the planet, it’s a piece of me and my development as an artist. My next book will be better, i know that but does that mean that my first book should never exist? I don’t think so…That kind of mentality is the source of why no one is actually doing anything here and exactly because they don’t dare, they attack the people who do act and follow their dreams. Just ignore them…

ย  Closing this rant, i owe a big thank you to the lovely people who purchased my book and gave me an extra reason to smile and try to work through this negative phase, so thank you ๐Ÿ˜€ Your personalized thank you notes will be on the way very soon. And to anyone out there who is feeling down, focus on the small wonders that happen around us everyday, focus on the few people around you that make you feel better, hang in there and things will get better ๐Ÿ˜€ The important thing is to move forward, even with baby steps, even with pauses but just keep moving…Don’t allow yourself to stop dreaming, don’t lose your passion no matter what happens around. Life can be so beautiful, if only you want to experience the beauty…


Alex โ€œV-Lightโ€

MyrฯŒ Vitrina | Body Painting Show :: Elizabeth Petrou : “Mourning for Today – Act: 0”


ย  I recently got to photograph a live body-painting show by the very talented make-up artist, Elizabeth Petrou. This was something totally new for me and was really looking forward for this experience. The whole show took place behind a display window so people who were passing by, could experience the transformation of two models into statues. The show was part of the opening for an exhibition of the Greek Marble Initiative on the 23th January 2014, at MyrฯŒ Gallery, Thessaloniki.

ย  Please enjoy a full screen slideshow (click on an image to start it):



Make-up artist: Elizabeth Petrou

Models: Anika Koulia + Apostolos A. Mpozos

Accessories: Synopsis handmade

Special thanks to Geli Paris for making the clothes and Stella Miliadou for hairstyling.

A video of the event produced by New Art Films