Total Eclipse and New Beginnings

V-Light is officially Austrian
“The happy “I’m Austrian” selfie” | Vienna, Austria

Hello my dear friends!!!

Β Β  Today is not just the total solar eclipseπŸŒ‘, or my 6 month anniversary of moving to Vienna πŸŽ‰ but also….***drum roll*** officially my first day here as an Austrian citizen! If that’s not a reason to celebrate, i don’t know what it! Schnitzels are on me but bring your own beer please! XD

Β  I may have encountered various delays, terrible bureaucracy but i’m so thankful for the incredible support i received from my family and so, things are finally looking brighter! In the beginning of April, i will be moving to another apartment, still haven’t found one but staying positive it will work out! It’s not that easy to find good roommates, who don’t smoke, are not party animals and enjoy a clean house! Hopefully i can find something where i can stay for at least a year so i can have my peace of mind that i won’t need to move again so soon.

Β Β  How has the eclipse treated you? Supposedly it will bring a lot of changes…hopefully all good! Take care and lot’s of virtual hugs from me 🐻

Yours truly,

Alex V-Light