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Hello my lovely people,

  One year and 11,400 hits later, it’s finally my first anniversary on wordpress 😀 Yay! I started this blog, in the midst of frustration as i was suddenly forced to go back in living with my parents, unemployed and with a ton of free time. It was one of the best decisions i ever made and i don’t know why i didn’t do this earlier…

  My first posts, were mainly a selection of older photos that i thought were good enough to be still displayed. Being trapped in this tiny village of 500 people, i only had a few opportunities, to visit other places and shoot new stuff but you guys still supported my posts, with very thoughtful comments and made me look forward showing you any new stuff.

  Some of you have been following me since the very beginning, some of you are recent followers. It doesn’t really matter, i’m very grateful to all of you who decided that my blog was worth your precious time. Thank you!

  I am also very happy to have met some people on this platform, that i can truly call my friends. Thank you all for your support and for believing in me! I wish we could meet one day in “real life” as well…

  With my move to Vienna, many things will change. I’ll have new stuff to post more daily, you’ll get to see many new places, see my photography evolve and i hope you’ll enjoy being a part of this adventure 😀

  There are only 6 days left for my art sale crowd-funding campaign to end, so any kind of support is still very much appreciated: igg.me/at/VlightArtSale

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Color Day 2013

Color day 2013
Color day 2013 | Thessaloniki, Greece

Hello my lovely people!

  So i’ve been away for a few days, photographed some events, visited Thessaloniki and i finally have some new stuff to show you. On the 21st of September it was a very special day for Thessaloniki. A day full of color and joy.

  It all began last year when a group of people called “Sfina” organized an event based on the idea of the Holi festival, which is celebrated mostly in India. Holi is a color festival that takes place before the coming of spring, to welcome the season and give thanks for the good harvest. It’s an opportunity to forget all differences, as people get covered with colorful dust and they all end up looking the same. It has traditionally been celebrated in high spirit without any distinction of cast, creed, color, race, status or sex. In Greece, this festival is just a great way to have fun. Religious aspects of the Holi festival have been removed completely.

  As this was the second year that this event took place, a lot of people came, around 3.000 as it was estimated, in comparison to the 400-500 of the first year. So the event was supposed to start at 14:00 pm, with some games to break the ice and bring people together. The location was in an abandoned military camp called “Stratopedo Kodra”. I got there a little bit late…ok maybe quite late…and since this place was packed with impatient people, the first color throwing had already taken place. So when me and my friend, Zaza, arrived we saw lots of colorful people leaving…

People already leaving

  That was a bit of a disappointment because we didn’t know if and when they would gather and throw colors again. We wrapped our cameras tightly in some plastic bags, bought some color and walked around shooting all the people that were already having fun, feeling like total outsiders. The dress code was white! So imagine all the people with their white t-shirts being all colorful and happy and two people walking around with completely clean and shiny t-shirts. Thankfully, as soon as i met some i knew, they all offered to help me get more colorful. Pretty soon i was blending in pretty well. So we gathered for the second round which started at about 16:40pm. I was right in the middle, determined to get in the action!

Wohoo!!! It was great!!! More than great!!! I was shooting blind because i couldn’t see anything through the plastic bag anyways but i didn’t care. It was too much fun and i was actually very pleasantly surprised when we got home and i saw the photos. Reminder to myself: Have more fun and shoot blindly more often!

  After the second color throw the party was moved to a place surrounded by trees. A group of drummers called PARANAUE, gave rhythm and people started to dance. People of all ages were just having fun, feeling free and like children again, not caring if anyone is staring at them or taking photos.

Color day 2013_8 by V-Light Color day 2013_9 by V-Light

The music of the drums accompanied us for about an hour. People still dancing, some throwing the little color they had left. At the end there was a very cool Capoeira demonstration.

Color day 2013_12 by V-Light Color day 2013_13 by V-Light

As the sun was almost setting down…

Color day 2013_14 by V-Light

  A third and last color throw was announced. We gathered at the open space, with only a few people having any color left and waited for the countdown. The ones that still had some color, generously passed little amounts around. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4…3…2…1!

Color day 2013_15 by V-Light Color day 2013_16 by V-Light

  Fun and love was all around…People took some last photos before the sundown…

Color day 2013_17 by V-Light Color day 2013_18 by V-Light

Color day 2013_19 by V-Light
We took a picture of ourselves after all the color throwing, to remember our colorful side and our genuine smiles…

This event was a major success and something that everyone who took place would certainly talk about and remember for a long time. I’m already looking forward for next year…


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