Sunrise over the mountains

Sunrise over the mountains by V-Light
Sunrise in Reindlmühl, Austria

Hello my dear friends,

  It’s already been a month since i moved to Austria and i feel like a new person…There is no looking back or thoughts of doubt, it had to be done and i couldn’t be happier that i’m able to share it with you all.

  This weekend i visited my relatives in upper Austria, Gmunden and Altmünster. I had an amazing time and it was really lovely to see them all again after almost 8 years. It’s been too long since my last visit in Austria, when previously we used to visit almost every year. It still feels surreal that i actually live in Austria now but the breathtaking nature and the smiles i receive everyday make it real.

  Enjoy a panoramic view from the mountains in Reindlmühl area, it was really refreshing to wake up to this view for 2 days! I’m really lucky to have an aunt and uncle that live on the mountainside 😀 More photos to come!

  P.s. Click on the image to view it in a larger size 😉

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Deep Blue Sea


Hello my friends 😀 How was your weekend?

  So, as promised this week we’ll have a nice little tour of Sithonia, second “leg” of the Halkidiki peninsula. Starting off with a panoramic image, so you can get a taste of the scenery that we are going to explore in the next posts.

Click on the image to view it in full screen awesomeness 😀


11 DAYS LEFT and 65% of the goal reached! With your amazing help my campaign is currently trending and is #4 in the Photography category! 😀 Thank you all! Please keep sharing the campaign, adding a personal message to your posts so people will be more motivated to check it out. Contribute even 1$ and leave a comment on my campaign! We can make this happen! I’m so excited to print and send my photos all over the world! 😀


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A taste of Loutra

Hello my dear friends! 😀

  Next stop is a little community called Loutra. Loutra literally means baths/bathhouse! The village got its name from the hot springs that exist there, famous for their healing properties. The first spring was discovered by a farmer who was looking for sulfur to sprinkle on his vines. After the end of World War II, residents blasted the rocks with dynamite and out of them gushed hydrosulfide with a water temperature of 39C/102F. There used to be volcano in the area and that’s what makes these springs so unique.

  Unfortunately i do not have any photos of the springs, or the luxurious spa but i can tell you this…Hydrosylfide stinks!!! No, i mean it really stinks! My dad used to visit the springs and i still remember how he smelled like a rotten egg combined with a hot fart. I hope you were not eating while reading this, if you were i’m really sorry…but it’s true 😛

  I’ll try to make it up to you with some photos of the area around Loutra. Click on them to start a full screen gallery view 🙂


Day 16 of the V-Light Art Sale and we are now at 61% 😀 I’ll be making a more detailed post about my campaign tomorrow as we will reach the mid point of the duration. Shares are always welcome! 😉


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A taste of Skioni

  Nea Skioni  is a little village located in the peninsula of Kassandra, Halkidiki, Greece.  Nea Skioni was established in 1918 and used to be a fisherman village. It is named after the ancient city of Skioni, whose site was nearby to the east. According to Thucydides, Skioni was built by the Pelleneans from Peloponnese on their way back from the war of Troy. The village is now a popular tourist destination and has one of the prettiest ports in the area.

Enjoy a full screen gallery view 🙂

Day 14 of the V-Light Art Sale and we are now at 59%. I’m very happy to see even a little contribution each day…anything helps 🙂


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Globe Head

Globe Head by V-Light


Hello friends 😀

  Continuing my street art posts with another beautiful wall mural in Thessaloniki. This is one of my favorites! I absolutely love the colors and it’s quite impressive in size 🙂 I think i do have some older photos of the whole mural but i cannot find them at the moment, will keep looking for them though 🙂

  Yesterday i started my Art-Sale, to fund part of my moving expenses to Austria. It’s already going overwhelmingly well, i couldn’t even sleep from all the excitement 😀  It’s been only 24 hours and i already reached 22% of my funding goal. But we cannot rest, it’s important to gain some momentum in the first days so i can have a better chance of reaching my goal 😀  To do that i’m gonna need all the help i can get, so please keep sharing! 😀 If you haven’t seen my campaign yet, please visit the link bellow to read all the details and check out the sweet perks 😉

it has begun

Thank you for your support 😀