Exploring Donauinsel IV

Exploring Donauinsel V by V-Light

  The Danube island is a little paradise in the middle of Vienna. It’s perfect for long bike rides, picnics, swimming or just sunbathing and from what i’ve seen also for fishing. I really love all the little floating fishing-boat-houses that can be found all along the shores of the Danube river. This one is equipped and ready for some serious grilling sessions under the warm summer sun. Not much of a sun in this photo but it’s coming! 😀

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Gloomy Donau Canal

Gloomy Donau Canal by V-Light
15.03.2015 | Vienna, Austria

Hello my dear friends,

  As much as i enjoy sunny weather, when it comes to my photography i prefer this kind of weather! Gloomy, about to rain and really dramatic! ☁ ☁ ☁ I cannot help but feel that it gives another dimension to otherwise not so interesting themes. What do you think? Am i the only one who gets inspired by this kind of weather? Let me know if i’m crazy or not! Hahaha! XD


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Sunset at Paliouri

Sunset at Paliouri by V-Light

Hello my lovely people 😀

  I’m finishing the posts from my short tour in the first “leg” of Halkidiki, with a sunset shot at Paliouri, the southern part of the peninsula. Starting next week we will take a better tour of the second “leg”, Sithonia. It has some of the most beautiful beaches i’ve ever seen…So stay tuned 😉

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Why have you forsaken me?

Why have you forsaken me? by V-Light

If you haven’t figured it out by now, i have a thing for boats! This is another abandoned boat i found in Igoumenitsa, Greece. Though it’s an old photo (2009), i still like it. That sunset gave a beautiful tone to the whole image and the slight fog in the background makes it a bit more mysterious. This was shot with my first DSLR camera, a Canon 350D. I kinda miss those days were i would just shoot without thinking about any technical stuff…

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I will wait for you…


I will wait for you by V-Light

One of my first HDR photos and still one of my all time favorites. This photo was taken back in November of 2009, in Igoumenitsa, Greece. I was taking a walk enjoying the sunset and i was mesmerized by the colors and the clouds. I took many photos of the sea and the sunset, they were nice but something was missing. As i continued walking, i saw this boat, i literally ran so i wouldn’t miss the sun that was going down fast. Thankfully i had my camera already set up from the previous shots so i just took a breath, looked through the viewfinder and charged with so many emotions, i took this shot…Then the sun swiftly disappeared behind the horizon…

When i look at it, i can still feel all the emotions that were running through me at that moment…That’s why i still love this photo so much! I would like to know…What do you feel when you look at this image?

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