And then there was a magical full moon…

16.03.2014 | 18:50pm | Full moon rising over the Toronean Gulf
16.03.2014 | 18:50pm | Full moon rising over the Toronean Gulf


Hello my dear friends πŸ™‚ (long post below, if you intent to read it better grab a cup of tea or coffee :p)

Β  As you probably already know, i’m facing a serious standstill in my life at the moment. Being stuck at my parents house, in a little village with no inspiring environment and grumpy people all around, i’m just feeling my creativity and life-force being drained out of me. In my try to keep a positive outlook, i made my first bookΒ Visions, i’m working on some videos that i’ll share with you soon, i try to shoot something every day and view things with a different eye but you know sometimes it’s just really hard to believe that things will somehow get better, when nothing seems to be changing. I must admit i was quite depressed these days…until i saw that moon…

Β  It might not be a great photo, the colors are a bit exaggerated but this is how i perceived this moment. I climbed at the construction site next to my house and waited…The moon started to rise at 18:35pm. I have never witnessed the moon rising over the sea and i must say, i was blown away…In this photo the moon was already higher, the lower view was not so great as all you could see is ugly houses and rooftops with antennas. I wanted to keep it minimal and focus on what i actually saw and ignored all the surroundings.

Β  This was a magical moment for me, a wake up call. Seeing this filled me up with power, beauty and hope that soon enough i’ll be able to view new landscapes and fill my eyes and my heart with new images, people and places…I don’t know when or how i can make this happen but i know it will happen…If i have to be real with you, it really pisses me off that i can’t post any new photos when i have such a hunger to create and explore new places. If you could just put me in a new environment with just my camera, i’d be in paradise. It’s crazy but this standstill is actually a blessing in a way, cause i realized my great need to evolve and create. Now, i just have to get out of this place and i’ll be really happy! I really can’t stand negative people and especially those who love their misery and don’t want anyone around to be happy.

Β  Not much is being said about Greece and the economic crisis anymore, things are getting better they say but no one is mentioning the mentality of the people here. It’s just tragic to see the youth have no dreams, to do nothing because we have a crisis anyway, what is the point of trying, right? Not everyone is like that but i think it’s safe to say that an 80% is totally apathetic and negative. And i experienced that very well with the launch of my book…The only positive comments i have gotten were from foreign people, who actually view that creating a book is an achievement and something to be proud of. The comments i have gotten from Greek people and followers that previously enjoyed my work are of this kind “why would you even bother to make this?”, “like anyone is going to buy it”, “who do you think you are and you make a book?”…I mean seriously? Why so much animosity? I would be happy for anyone who made something that they are proud of! Even if this is not the greatest book on the planet, it’s a piece of me and my development as an artist. My next book will be better, i know that but does that mean that my first book should never exist? I don’t think so…That kind of mentality is the source of why no one is actually doing anything here and exactly because they don’t dare, they attack the people who do act and follow their dreams. Just ignore them…

Β  Closing this rant, i owe a big thank you to the lovely people who purchased my book and gave me an extra reason to smile and try to work through this negative phase, so thank you πŸ˜€ Your personalized thank you notes will be on the way very soon. And to anyone out there who is feeling down, focus on the small wonders that happen around us everyday, focus on the few people around you that make you feel better, hang in there and things will get better πŸ˜€ The important thing is to move forward, even with baby steps, even with pauses but just keep moving…Don’t allow yourself to stop dreaming, don’t lose your passion no matter what happens around. Life can be so beautiful, if only you want to experience the beauty…


Alex β€œV-Light”


Visions: 7 years of landscape photography in one book

Visions by V-Light

Hello my dear friends!

I’m very happy to announce the release of my first photography book: Visions.

7 years of landscape photography, more than 140 photos in one book. Experience the beauty of Greek nature throughout its magnificence and its simplicity. 100 pages of premium lustre paper, full of beautiful colors, lovely landscapes, forests, mountains and seas…

Visions is not just a book, it’s a visual journal of all the things that made see and feel the wonder of nature. I hope, it can bring some of that wonder back to you πŸ™‚

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I sincerely thank you for all your support!

Yours faithfully,

Alex “V-Light”