Art Sale for a new life – Be a part of it


Hello my dear friends! πŸ˜€

Β  The time has come!!! I just launched my Indiegogo campaign, or as i like to call it, Art Sale! I really don’t see this as a crowdfunding campaign. Yes, it is a way to help me fund my dream but it’s also a way to share what i do with the world and give something nice back in return.

Β  I’ve never done anything like this before and i would lie if i’d say that i don’t feel super nervous about putting myself out there. But the dream is stronger and since i already closed my ticket to Austria, now i need to find a way to fund my moving expenses.

If you’d like to help click on the link bellow to be taken to my campaign page:

Art Sale for a new life:


Β Some of the things you can get include:

Your favorite V-Light photo in Postcard sized print, A4 and A3 photographic print.


Limited edition print of the iconic Salem Mansion, with a special vintage look.

Limited Edition Salem Mansion by V-Light

An E-Book version of my book Visions (not available anywhere else)


Β And last but not least, by contributing just 1$, you will get your name immortalized into a unique V-Light artwork that i will create specifically for this campaign. It will be proudly displayed here on my website and will be available for you to download. Contributions over 1$ automatically gain this perk!Β 

Β Your support will be greatly appreciated! Remember, even if you cannot contribute a single dollar you can still help by sharing this campaign with your friends! πŸ™‚

Β Let’s make this happen!!!

Β P.s. If you share my campaign on social media you can use the hash-tag #VlightArtSale, so i can see your posts πŸ˜€