Welcome to my garden

Welcome to my garden by V-Light Photography
“Welcome to my garden, human!” | Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria


Hello my dear friends,

  I know i disappeared again, might have a good reason for it or not 😛 I recently purchased a new lens, the Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM and i’ve been out every day shooting and exploring the city from scratch with my new ultra-wide eye! 😀 For such an affordable lens, i’m very impressed by its quality! I’ve been wanting an ultra-wide lens since forever and i cannot tell you how happy i am that i could finally get one! It has opened a whole new world of photographic possibilities and you are in for a treat! 😀 Hope you’ve all been doing well, will do my best to catch up again! ^^'

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Raiffeisen Tower

15.03.2015 | Vienna, Austria
15.03.2015 | Vienna, Austria


   The Raiffeisen Tower, built in 2010-2012, conquers position number 25 in the list of the highest buildings in Vienna. Measuring 78meters height and featuring 22 floors that house only offices, it might not win you over with its size but for me it’s a winner when it comes to design! A creation of architects: Dieter Hayde, Ernst Maurer, Radovan Tajder, the Raiffeisen Tower is a beauty standing right next to the Donau canal, reflecting its mood and mirroring every precious moment of the day.

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Gloomy Donau Canal

Gloomy Donau Canal by V-Light
15.03.2015 | Vienna, Austria

Hello my dear friends,

  As much as i enjoy sunny weather, when it comes to my photography i prefer this kind of weather! Gloomy, about to rain and really dramatic! ☁ ☁ ☁ I cannot help but feel that it gives another dimension to otherwise not so interesting themes. What do you think? Am i the only one who gets inspired by this kind of weather? Let me know if i’m crazy or not! Hahaha! XD


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Under the bridge

15.03.2015 | Vienna, Austria
15.03.2015 | Vienna, Austria

Hello my dear friends,

  Lately, i found myself taking the same path over and over again on my afternoon walks… I don’t enjoy crowds and noise, so instinctively i was drawn to a more quiet part of the city, where you can hear the birds chirping and lose your thought in the reflections and the ever-changing street art. Indeed, walking along the Donau canal has proven a very soothing and inspiring experience and i can guarantee you this, there will be at least one new graffiti every day you pass by, you just have to keep your eyes open! So, what have i been doing in Vienna? Observing, soaking it all in, making it mine… 😍

  Have a great week you all! 😀 😀 😀 And don’t forget to smile!

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Photography St.

Photography St. by V-Light
01.03.2015 | Westbahnstraße, Vienna, Austria


Hello my dear friends,

  The sun has been shinning like crazy these past few days ☀️, a bit too much for my photography taste! You know me, i need my clouds☁️… So when i’m not out sunbathing, i’m going through older shots and finding a few worth uploading, like this one maybe! This street is full of photography related shops, i’m sure you can recognize the Leica store on the left. It’s a beautiful street but terrible for people who suffer from GAS syndrome! No, don’t worry if you ate too many beans for dinner, i’m talking about Gear Acquisition Syndrome 😛 Yeah, that’s a thing…Best prevention medicine? Having no money of course…No Money, no GAS! Another tip, refrain yourself from window shopping, your heart will weep a little with those prices…

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Show me your colors

Show me your colors by V-Light

  After all the colorless and snowy photos, i felt the need to upload something warmer and vibrant. I’m still searching for my Vienna, but at a moment like this one, when the sky burns and colors explode into a crazy dance that changes its tune every few minutes, to eventually fade away as the darkness takes over…This, this is when i feel i’m getting closer to my goal…

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Everything the sky is trying to tell…

  Sometimes it can happen that you are on your way to do some groceries shopping, the sky is pretty plain but cloudy, you step in the super market, you take your time buying stuff, step out of the super market and suddenly you see this insane sky, with colors and shapes you never experienced before…

  What you do?

  • Option 1: Enjoy the sky as you carelessly get back home
  • Option 2: Take out your smartphone and get a lousy snapshot and tell all your friends on Instagram that it was really a lot better than the photo
  • Option 3: Just ignore it and make fun of all the other people who stare at the sky like they are on drugs
  • Option 4: Run like hell, i mean like your butt is on fire, get home, throw all your groceries on the floor (that gouda can wait), grab your camera, fly down the stairs and run like hell again so you can find some decent spots to take some shots before this insane sky disappears.

  Obviously i took option 4 (although i’m guilty of option 2 as well) and therefore i present to you a slideshow of some quick shots i took while trying to catch my breath! Enjoy 😀

P.S. All photos were taken handheld and post-processed in Lightroom from a single RAW file, no HDR. What do you think?

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All the colors of the sky

All the colors of the sky by V-Light

  This beautiful sunset happened just a few minutes ago. I had to run over to the construction site next to my house and climb on top to get this panoramic view. It’s amazing how fast the light changes in such situations, i barely got to shoot 3 images before the colors got dull. I’m very happy that i managed to get a nice photo of this as we rarely get such dynamic sunsets. This was my dose of inspiration and positiveness for the day 😀 Did you encounter anything inspiring and mood boosting in your day?

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Color Day 2013

Color day 2013
Color day 2013 | Thessaloniki, Greece

Hello my lovely people!

  So i’ve been away for a few days, photographed some events, visited Thessaloniki and i finally have some new stuff to show you. On the 21st of September it was a very special day for Thessaloniki. A day full of color and joy.

  It all began last year when a group of people called “Sfina” organized an event based on the idea of the Holi festival, which is celebrated mostly in India. Holi is a color festival that takes place before the coming of spring, to welcome the season and give thanks for the good harvest. It’s an opportunity to forget all differences, as people get covered with colorful dust and they all end up looking the same. It has traditionally been celebrated in high spirit without any distinction of cast, creed, color, race, status or sex. In Greece, this festival is just a great way to have fun. Religious aspects of the Holi festival have been removed completely.

  As this was the second year that this event took place, a lot of people came, around 3.000 as it was estimated, in comparison to the 400-500 of the first year. So the event was supposed to start at 14:00 pm, with some games to break the ice and bring people together. The location was in an abandoned military camp called “Stratopedo Kodra”. I got there a little bit late…ok maybe quite late…and since this place was packed with impatient people, the first color throwing had already taken place. So when me and my friend, Zaza, arrived we saw lots of colorful people leaving…

People already leaving

  That was a bit of a disappointment because we didn’t know if and when they would gather and throw colors again. We wrapped our cameras tightly in some plastic bags, bought some color and walked around shooting all the people that were already having fun, feeling like total outsiders. The dress code was white! So imagine all the people with their white t-shirts being all colorful and happy and two people walking around with completely clean and shiny t-shirts. Thankfully, as soon as i met some i knew, they all offered to help me get more colorful. Pretty soon i was blending in pretty well. So we gathered for the second round which started at about 16:40pm. I was right in the middle, determined to get in the action!

Wohoo!!! It was great!!! More than great!!! I was shooting blind because i couldn’t see anything through the plastic bag anyways but i didn’t care. It was too much fun and i was actually very pleasantly surprised when we got home and i saw the photos. Reminder to myself: Have more fun and shoot blindly more often!

  After the second color throw the party was moved to a place surrounded by trees. A group of drummers called PARANAUE, gave rhythm and people started to dance. People of all ages were just having fun, feeling free and like children again, not caring if anyone is staring at them or taking photos.

Color day 2013_8 by V-Light Color day 2013_9 by V-Light

The music of the drums accompanied us for about an hour. People still dancing, some throwing the little color they had left. At the end there was a very cool Capoeira demonstration.

Color day 2013_12 by V-Light Color day 2013_13 by V-Light

As the sun was almost setting down…

Color day 2013_14 by V-Light

  A third and last color throw was announced. We gathered at the open space, with only a few people having any color left and waited for the countdown. The ones that still had some color, generously passed little amounts around. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4…3…2…1!

Color day 2013_15 by V-Light Color day 2013_16 by V-Light

  Fun and love was all around…People took some last photos before the sundown…

Color day 2013_17 by V-Light Color day 2013_18 by V-Light

Color day 2013_19 by V-Light
We took a picture of ourselves after all the color throwing, to remember our colorful side and our genuine smiles…

This event was a major success and something that everyone who took place would certainly talk about and remember for a long time. I’m already looking forward for next year…


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