Crooked point of view

The famous "White Tower" landmark of Thessaloniki, on a foggy day...
The famous “White Tower” landmark of Thessaloniki, on a foggy day…


  I’m usually very strict with keeping a straight horizon and correct perspective in my photographs. After some comments about this matter on a photo “The Looming Decay (2013)” by infraredrobert , i remembered this specific one where i break all these rules but i think the result came out really interesting.

  It was a rather unusual and foggy day and that made it a perfect day for a walk. I don’t know what those black things that were sprayed on the ground were supposed to be, the next day they were gone. They do resemble caveman drawings, i think they look like people running and jumping, hunting down an animal? Anyway, i was fascinated by the fact that these drawings would add a unique touch to the most photographed subject of the city.

  I took this photo with my Canon 450 and the kit lens 18-55mm. I choose a low angle almost down to the ground, so i could include the drawings. When i noticed how distorted the tower became i played with the angle to make it even more dramatic. Nothing was done in photoshop to correct or exaggerate the result. The tree that has a natural incline to the right helps a lot to make the image look even more distorted.  What do you think?

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