Winter is here

Winter is here by V-Light
08.01.2015 | Donaupark, Vienna, Austria


Hello my dear friends,

  Winter has been going on strong for some weeks now in Austria. After Christmas it has snowed a few times inside Vienna as well and of course i was out taking photos every day. The reason why you haven’t seen any of these photos yet, is because i need to reinvent my editing process to make it suitable for snow. Snow is something new to me so i need to find new ways to capture it as i envision. I took some days off to refresh my brain and eyes and now i’m back to work! 😀 Brace yourselves! Winter photos are coming!

  Let’s start with something recent! This is a panoramic photo i took yesterday, 9 vertical frames, handheld. It was snowing at the moment and one thing i noticed as a newbie about this kind of weather is that when you have such a gray sky it’s really hard to make it look nice. But until now i didn’t have the luck of having a nice blue sky with fluffy clouds while the earth is still snowed! So this will do 🙂

  Also i wanted to say a big thanks for all your lovely comments on my Hazy Sunset photo. You really gave me some food for thought and all of your suggestions were actually great! I’m very thankful to have such amazing and caring followers on my blog! ♥ Hope you are all having a nice start in 2015! Cheers! 😀

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Timelapse: Fiery Clouds of Vienna’s Skies

Hello my dear friends,

My new timelapse is finally online and allow me to say that it’s probably my best one so far! Watch the Viennese skies as they catch on fire!

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy holiday season with your loved ones! ♥

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Hazy sunset

Hazy Sunset by V-Light
Donau City in the distance, the modern Vienna

  So this is one of those photos, where no matter what editing style i choose, something just doesn’t sit right in my perfectionist eye. I still like the composition and it’s my first panorama using my new tripod, so i had to upload it 😛 I tried to turn it into black and white since the colours here are not that great but it still didn’t sit right…What do you think? Do you like it?

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Home of the lions


Hello my dear friends,

  Here i am again, i know my absence was too long and i’m really sorry for that. Reason is, i just moved to a new neighborhood in Vienna. My previous residence was only temporary and i had to move out by the end of October. The stress i was under was really big cause it seemed impossible to find something affordable, with roommates that we would get along and in such a short period of time. It literally happened the very last day…just when i was ready to give up and think that maybe Vienna was not meant to be. Now i’m staying in a really big but also super affordable apartment with 2 really cool and creative roommates, in the center of the city, still close to nature and the river, what more could i ask for? 😀

  It’s now time to focus on my blog, my photography and reconnect with all the friends that i missed dearly. Thank you all for staying with me and being patient with my prolonged disappearances!

Here is a little taste of my new neighborhood:



“Like lions we keep our heads high, always sensing the change in the sky. Hunting opportunities like prey in the wild, we roar when we feel it has come…our time to strike” ~ V-Light



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Find comfort in the sun…

Find comfort in the sun by V-Light

  I usually find comfort in the warmth of the sun and the calm of the water… What makes you feel better? Where do you escape when you feel stressed?

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Timelapse: Sunset at the Donau river

  Hello my friends! Here’s a brand new timelapse i made in Vienna 😀 The place where i’m temporary staying is right next to the river so i do spend a lot of time in the area. To be honest it inspires me more than the overly photographed and crowded city center! I hope you enjoy it as well!

  Wishing you all a great weekend! ♥

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Donau Blue Hour

Donau Blue Hour by V-Light

  Yesterday i was out and about at the Danube shores making a timelapse of some really cool clouds and sunset (coming soon) and i was so mesmerized by the beauty of it that i stayed a bit longer and then i experienced my first “blue hour” in Vienna… It lasted only a few minutes but it was enough to grab a nice shot 🙂 Minimal editing was done in this one, just a bit of contrast, sharpening and saturation…

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Donau Sunset

Donau Sunset by V-Light

  One of the first things that i loved about Vienna is the amazing nature that surrounds it. The Danube (Donau) river runs across the city and brings so much beauty to the urban environment. There is so much life around it and even inside…

  My relaxing walk used to be at the waterfront of Thessaloniki, now my relaxing walk takes place here and i already received so much openness and positivity that i can only believe that things will be better from now on! 😀 One thing i won’t miss about Greece is the misery and the never-smiling faces… Here people say hello and smile at you without even knowing you! I suddenly feel like i’m the grumpy one cause i’m not used to this and i’m slow to smile back…but this is something that i can certainly get used to 😀

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Hello from Austria!!!


Hellooooooo my dear friends… Long time no see…

  This is officially my first post from Vienna, Austria! I’m really sorry that this took so long and mostly i’m sorry for being totally absent from the wordpress community…I really missed you all and it really frustrated me that I could not see your posts. I didn’t have an internet connection at the house that i’m temporarily staying and generally many things didn’t go as planned… One of the most annoying things that happened was that my computer had a problem on arrival and it took me 2 weeks to fix it…It turned out the graphics card didn’t like the Austrian climate and decided to call it quits causing constant freezes, driver crashes and even not letting the pc boot at all…

  Only yesterday I was able to start editing some photos that I had already taken in my first days in Vienna and today i finally have internet. So V-Light is back in business! 😀 I’m currently on the search for another house and a roommate and at the same time searching for a job, as you can imagine all that without internet has been almost impossible. I’ve been spending my time at shopping malls using their free wireless internet with my smartphone…Oh well, it’s actually a good excuse for people watching…hehe…

  Never thought that a move comes along with such a chaos…But things are falling to place and even though everything was greatly delayed, it is now moving forward… I am positive that very soon everything will be back on full speed and i’m really looking forward to see what I missed from you all and to share with you my news and photos from my new life here 😀

  To everyone who participated in the “Art Sale for a New Life” campaign, i want to thank you once again and i hope you all got your prints by now, please let me know! 😀 More updates are coming in the following days…

  So, here is one of the first photos that I took while exploring the neighboorhood 😀 A beautiful sunset at the Donau river, i can easily say it was magical…

Yours truly,

Alex V-Light

Sit back and enjoy the view…