Exploring Donauinsel V

Exploring Donauinsel VI by V-Light

Β  Signs of spring all around the Danube Island! 🌼🌼🌼 Countless flowers decorate the saturated green meadows waiting for the sun to shineΒ β˜€ Nature is blooming everywhere…

Exploring Donauinsel VII by V-Light

Β  Thousands of hungry caterpillars, waiting anxiously to transform and live a new life. Life is moving fast, evolving, it would be insane to stay the same. Take a deep breath and embrace change, let your wings grow and fly high! πŸ˜€ Wishing you all an awesome week! β™₯

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Analog Spring

Analog Spring by V-Light

Β  I was just outside trying to find something interesting to shoot and i ended up taking loads of photos of blossoms, spiders and butterflies πŸ˜› That’s all there is around my house. For some reason when i took this photo i automatically envisioned it to have kind of a vintage look so i started playing around with Analog Efex Pro. If you don’t know it, Analog Efex Pro is a Photoshop plugin that simulates different styles and effects of analog photography. I love the Nik Software suite but i still don’t know how i feel about this particular plugin, which is the latest addition in the suite. I have worked with film and slides in the past, did a lot of darkroom developing and printing so i can’t really see how this plugin is supposed to give an analog feeling. Maybe this photo is not the best example but i would like to know your opinion! Have you even tried this plugin? Which plugin would you recommend for making digital photos look like they were taken with a film camera?

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