Let it snow III

09.02.2015 | Hundertwasser Haus, Vienna, Austria
09.02.2015 | Hundertwasser Haus, Vienna, Austria


ย  ย  The beautiful Hundertwasser Haus surrounded by snow! ๐Ÿ˜€ I finally had the rare opportunity to take a photo of it without people walking all around but unfortunately the cars parked next to it, seem to always be there! It has become one of my goals to take a photo of this building without any cars and people around! One day…

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Home of the lions


Hello my dear friends,

ย  Here i am again, i know my absence was too long and i’m really sorry for that. Reason is, i just moved to a new neighborhood in Vienna. My previous residence was only temporary and i had to move out by the end of October. The stress i was under was really big cause it seemed impossible to find something affordable, with roommates that we would get along and in such a short period of time. It literally happened the very last day…just when i was ready to give up and think that maybe Vienna was not meant to be. Now i’m staying in a really big but also super affordable apartment with 2 really cool and creative roommates, in the center of the city, still close to nature and the river, what more could i ask for? ๐Ÿ˜€

ย  It’s now time to focus on my blog, my photography and reconnect with all the friends that i missed dearly. Thank you all for staying with me and being patient with my prolonged disappearances!

Here is a little taste of my new neighborhood:

ย IMG_0450IMG_0516


“Like lions we keep our heads high, always sensing the change in the sky. Hunting opportunities like prey in the wild, we roar when we feel it has come…our time to strike” ~ V-Light



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