The waves that calm me…

the waves that calm me by V-Light
Igoumenitsa, Greece, 2009 | HDR made in Photomatix by combining 3 shots (-2, 0. +2)


  I just love the sea and the sound of the soft waves. Don’t you? When i’m stressed i always look for the company of water so i don’t think i could ever live somewhere where there are no lakes, rivers or sea.

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Believers Sunset

Believers Sunset by V-Light

A little chapel in Igoumenitsa, Greece | 2009

 The sun is setting down and the sky is bleeding in million colors to say goodbye…
Don’t ever think of it as a hopeless fall because in the morning it will still rise above…
No matter what life brings you, love and find a reason to smile…
Never lose your hope, for one day it will be your time to shine…

Dedicated to Duckie

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Why have you forsaken me?

Why have you forsaken me? by V-Light

If you haven’t figured it out by now, i have a thing for boats! This is another abandoned boat i found in Igoumenitsa, Greece. Though it’s an old photo (2009), i still like it. That sunset gave a beautiful tone to the whole image and the slight fog in the background makes it a bit more mysterious. This was shot with my first DSLR camera, a Canon 350D. I kinda miss those days were i would just shoot without thinking about any technical stuff…

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I will wait for you…


I will wait for you by V-Light

One of my first HDR photos and still one of my all time favorites. This photo was taken back in November of 2009, in Igoumenitsa, Greece. I was taking a walk enjoying the sunset and i was mesmerized by the colors and the clouds. I took many photos of the sea and the sunset, they were nice but something was missing. As i continued walking, i saw this boat, i literally ran so i wouldn’t miss the sun that was going down fast. Thankfully i had my camera already set up from the previous shots so i just took a breath, looked through the viewfinder and charged with so many emotions, i took this shot…Then the sun swiftly disappeared behind the horizon…

When i look at it, i can still feel all the emotions that were running through me at that moment…That’s why i still love this photo so much! I would like to know…What do you feel when you look at this image?

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