Timelapse: SuperMoon Rising, 12 July 2014, Greece

  Another SuperMoon tonight! Did you get to see it? I shot a little timelapse again but i still think last year’s was the best! Maybe August’s SuperMoon will be a better contender… I’m starting to think they ended up naming each typical full moon a supermoon just to make a fuss about it. Not impressed here…

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A storm is coming

A storm is coming by V-Light
A thunderstorm is on it’s way! Photo taken just a few minutes ago capturing the view from my balcony p.s. I love me a good storm ❤

Hello my friends! 🙂

  I’m sorry for my absence but i had some really annoying problems with my computer. My main hard disk failed and i had to buy a new one, install windows and all my programs from scratch only to have my computer freeze all the time because as i found out later my network adapter card was not compatible with a new update that windows had recently released. To make long story short, i spent too much time and energy to make my computer work again that i just needed a break from it all. Right now i’m re-organizing myself and my time so i can come back with lots of new projects 🙂 I hope you’re all doing well. Tomorrow i’ll be checking on all the posts i missed all these days 😉

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From present to past in 29mm


Hello my dear friends 🙂

  Happy May day to all of you! How are you doing? As you know i love landscape and nature photography but i’m trapped in a place with no travel possibilities. I’ve come to terms with the fact that i cannot shoot any great landscapes near my house but i refuse to not at least try to find other ways of being creative. So i dug up my very first DSLR, a Canon 350D, which is still in perfect working condition and coupled it with my grandfather’s Meyer-Optik Görlitz Orestegon 29mm f/2.8. The 29mm would roughly translate to a 47mm lens with the 1.6x crop factor. You might wonder what’s the point of this. Well, if i could afford it i would have chosen to shoot with an all manual analog camera but since i can’t, this is the next best thing in my opinion. So i set my camera to manual, the lens is also fully manual and went for a long walk towards the sea.

  The 350D has a tiny screen so i relied to the histogram for my exposure. It also has a tiny and not very bright viewfinder (at least compared to my current 60D) so the focus part was a challenge as well. But i didn’t care…The purpose of this walk was to enjoy and  just shoot. So i was walking around carefree, enjoying the nature and exploring the world with my new toy. Here’s a slideshow with some of the shots i liked:

 For the editing i played around with Nik Software Analog Efex Pro. I had the same amount of fun editing these photos as when i was taking them. I really like the results of this lens and i’m very impressed by the 350D, cause that camera is 8 years old and the raw files seem to carry a great amount of detail and dynamic range. Sometimes i feel like this camera can produce better photos that my 60D… Or maybe it’s just because this was my first DSLR and i still love it dearly.

 Would you like to see more such photos taken with old lenses? Cause i’m thinking of doing more of that. I really enjoy being a part of the wordpress community and getting feedback from all of you, so i’m trying to find new things and ideas to blog about until i can travel and make beautiful landscape photos with the V-Light flavor 🙂

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All the colors of the sky

All the colors of the sky by V-Light

  This beautiful sunset happened just a few minutes ago. I had to run over to the construction site next to my house and climb on top to get this panoramic view. It’s amazing how fast the light changes in such situations, i barely got to shoot 3 images before the colors got dull. I’m very happy that i managed to get a nice photo of this as we rarely get such dynamic sunsets. This was my dose of inspiration and positiveness for the day 😀 Did you encounter anything inspiring and mood boosting in your day?

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Discovering new views…

Click on the image to go into full screen view 🙂

I made it my goal to try and view the place i grew up and spend most of my life, with a different eye. This panorama was taken from a construction site next to my house that has been abandoned for some years now. I always wondered how the view would be from up there and now that i saw this, i want a balcony up there 😀 I did not post-process this image except from stitching the photos together, i think the natural colors do it enough justice.

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Kriopigi and the Toronean gulf

Kriopigi and the Toronean gulf by V-Light

  Well, i’ve been trying to find interesting views to photograph my village. Seeing the place you grew up and spend most of your life with different eyes can be very challenging but since i’m still trapped here, i have to make the best out of it. I really enjoy walking and hiking so i thought to try and cover the rural part of it, since the center doesn’t have anything worth seeing and remembering, it was just developed fast and ugly to accommodate tourists in the summer…

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Foggy day in my village

Yesterday was quite a peculiar day. The fog started early in the morning and lasted throughout the day, as a result of that, the smoke from the chimneys got trapped under the fog creating a rather unpleasant atmosphere. Of course i could not stay inside and not take any photos so i went for a quick walk around my house, when i got back i was couching and had a runny nose, today i’m fine though 🙂 Here are a few photos, with minimum edit, only contrast and white balance was enhanced from the raw files.

Foggy day by V-Light (1) Foggy day by V-Light (2) Foggy day by V-Light (3) Foggy day by V-Light (4) Foggy day by V-Light (6)Foggy day by V-Light (5)

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Into the forest

Into the forest by V-Light
Inside the forest of Kriopigi, while it was raining | 04.10.2013


  Winter is coming…No, it’s already here! We had a very sudden change of weather in Greece. Typically in my area it would still be summer-like until the end of October, with temperatures over 20c.  So today i woke up to a rainy and cold day with the thermometer barely showing 11c. That’s winter for us here. Despite all that i do like rainy and cloudy weather so i grabbed an umbrella and my camera and went out shooting. There’s not a lot of things to shoot at my little village but i thought it would be nice to visit one of the newly opened trails in our little forest. And i was right…it felt like i entered a different planet. Kriopigi is mainly a summer destination. It’s right next to the sea and most if not all of its shops and facilities are only open during the summer season. In the winter you can safely call it a ghost village. It’s really unfortunate that they don’t take advantage of its beautiful forest and walking trails. I think i need to do a complete hiking trip and photograph the whole area, make a post about it and spread it around so people can realize that Halkidiki is not only about summer and the sea…

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Timelapse: SuperMoon Rising, 23 June 2013, Greece

Timelapse of the amazing supermoon, rising over the forest in Kriopigi, Greece, 23 June 2013.

Shot with: Canon 60D, Jupiter 135mm f/3,5 + Vivitar teleconverter x2 and Magic Lantern.

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