What time is it?

Beer O'Clock
It’s Beer O’Clock

Hello my friends πŸ˜€

Β  In the Ladadika area of Thessaloniki, it’s always a good time for a beer πŸ˜‰ There are many little bars and taverns for every taste and at night it’s swarming with people. When you are there, you get the sense that you are somewhere else. The low rise colorful buildings and the stone alleyways make you feel like you are not in Thessaloniki. That’s the beauty of the city. There are many little paradises where you can escape the monotonous way of city life…

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Architectural Fusion

Architectural Fusion by V-Light

Β  While doing my favorite thing, which is getting lost in every little alleyway i can find, i came across this view. One of my favorite contrasts is how totally different styles of architecture can co-exist in the same place. Thessaloniki has many such examples, where you can find neoclassic houses next to modern office buildings. There are very few buildings with a glass exterior so when i can find one, i’m a very happy girl πŸ™‚

Β  Day 3 of my Art Sale. If you want a V-Light signed print, now’s your chance! πŸ™‚ Visit the link below to check out all the sweet perks, even 1$ can get you something unique! Even if you cannot contribute anything, just sharing the campaign is greatly appreciated and can help a lot! Thank you πŸ™‚



Rise like a Phoenix

Rise like a Phoenix by V-Light

Β  Beautiful street-art in Thessaloniki, Greece. I wish more buildings would get decorated with such stunning murals. We need to get rid of all that gray…Maybe then we’ll have a chance to rise again…

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Katouni Square

Katouni Square in Ladadika, Thessaloniki | 25.01.2014
Katouni Square after the rain, Thessaloniki | 25.01.2014


Β  Katouni square is a little and cozy square located in the famous Ladadika area in Thessaloniki, Greece. Ladadika is famous for its nightlife as it’s full of nice bars, small clubs and taverns. During the day most of the shops are closed and it’s the perfect opportunity to take photos without having people cram your frame…

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