Review: “Through the Woods” Lightroom Workflow by Sleeklens

Hello dear friends,

many of you have asked how I edit my photos, well most of the time I begin my workflow with Lightroom and then I fine-tune my photos in Photoshop. I find Lightroom with all the presets you can custom build a real time saver. There are many free presets out there for you to download and many sites offer preset bundles for a nifty price. But the question is do you really need to buy something like that? The quick answer is, no, if you already know how to edit your photos and have found your style. If you are a beginner and feel lost with all the sliders and options Lightroom has to offer then yes, ready-made presets can be a great starting point for you. As of lately I have been testing out a new workflow…


So in this post, I’ll be reviewing the Through the Woods Workflow by Sleeklens.

In the bundle you will find 80 presets and 42 brushes tailored to work best for landscape photography. There is a very easy to follow guide on how to use everything ,which makes it perfect for newbies too 😉

This is not just a preset bundle, it’s a whole workflow. Meaning, you don’t click on a preset and your photo magically transforms into a work of art. No, you stack a preferred selection of presets and use the brushes included to do some spot editing if you wish, kinda as you would do in Photoshop. With the preset stacking you can lay out a good basis for your photo and then with the brushes you can easily add definition to the sky and water, make the shadows in a specific area brighter, warm up your sunset, etc.

I’ll share some samples with you to see the before and after. Keep in mind, if you plan to recover a lot of detail in the highlights and shadows like i did, shoot .raw! Actually always shoot .raw!






  • Well thought system that allows stacking of presets to achieve precise results
  • Nice selection of brushes that really help level up your editing
  • Easy to follow guide
  • Reasonable price


  • Not always time saving. The time you invest going through the presets, staking them to see what works best with a specific photo could be used to define all the settings on your own (if you have the knowledge to do that)

Verdict: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (4 out of 5 V-Light stars)


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Wildensee Reloaded

Wildensee I by V-Light Photography

   Hello hello! 😀 So i’m back with a few more photos from the amazing Wildensee lake! With the temperature raising again in Vienna, i wish i could revisit this place and refresh myself, one more time before my Graphic Design studies begin this Monday! Time goes by so fast…

Wildensee II by V-Light Photography

   The mountain on the right side, while it might seem kinda tiny through my ultra wide lens, is called Rinnerkogel (2012 meters), it’s about 1.5 hours away from Wildensee and you would need about 3 hours to climb it cause it’s quite steep. I didn’t attempt to do this, not this time but on my next visit, why not? 😀 The view from up there must be magical!

Wildensee IV by V-Light Photography

   It was actually quite an experience to lay down on the grass and not on a sandy beach as i’m used to! Most flowers were dried up but those purple bells were so beautiful and also rare if i’m not mistaken. There was certainly a kind of purple flower in the area that you are not allowed to pick. I wouldn’t dare to disturb them anyway 😀 When laying on the grass, you also need to be careful of cow dung… It’s everywhere!!! 😛 Keep that in mind on your next alpine adventure and bring a blanket!

Wildensee III by V-Light Photography

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Welcome to Wildensee

Wildensee Panorama by V-Light Photography

   We are here!!! May i present to you Wildensee. Located 1535 meters above sea level, the Wildensee lake has a length of 430 meters, width 240 meters and maximum depth 44 meters.

   Imagine you’ve been hiking for about 4 hours up some steep mountainside under the hot summer sun to finally reach this little paradise! You go down the little hill, yearning to get closer to the water…and you see this…

Wildensee Panorama II by V-Light Photography

   The water is usually cold but that day it was about 20C, that’s what the few people who were there, reported in total excitement. You think to yourself, only 20 degrees Celsius??? I’ve been used to swimming in the sea, where it’s certainly a lot warmer… But then you think, you came all the way up here and you are not gonna dive in? Impossible! So strip down to your bikini and run into the crystal clear water, that is of drinking quality!  After the initial shock and a few screams, you keep swimming, mesmerized by the amazing view around you…After a few minutes you can’t feel the cold anymore and you can celebrate your victory!

V-Light in Wildensee

  You just conquered your first Austrian mountain and swam in a lake for the first time in your life!

😀 😀 😀

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Leaving Offensee and going up higher…


Hello hello, i’m back again! 😀

   Let’s pick up where we left off, shall we? The beautiful Offensee lake and the beginning of the hiking trail… So, moving forward, i couldn’t resist to take one more mirrored photo at Offensee, cause i knew that when we would return in the late afternoon, the light would be completely different.

Offensee Mirror II by V-Light Photography

   And behold, as we kept going up the trail, the hot summer sun made its appearance! The first strong rays were shooting behind the mountain…making it already uncomfortably hot ☀

The first morning rays by V-Light Photography

   2.5 hours later, after hiking up the steep trail, the view was already different! The sun was out, colors saturated, with Offensee, our starting point, looking like a little puddle of water in the distance! The feeling was amazing and all the sweat was well spent! I mean look at that 😍

Offensee from high above by V-Light Photography

   Rinnerhütte (1474 meters) was not far anymore. The trail was a lot easier now and i was looking forward for a little break before going up higher to finally enjoy my first swim in an Austrian lake! Next stop, Wildensee! Buckle up! 😀

P.s. I’m so sorry for taking so long to post these photos but just last week i learned that i must move out of my current apartment! Third time in less than a year and in such a short notice! So, i’m in the apartment search mode once again! Hopefully third time’s a charm, cause with my studies coming up, the last thing i need is having to worry about moving stuff… This whole situation feels like a joke actually, i can’t stress about it, not now that everything in my life is finally falling into place. Maybe i’m crazy but i’m zen crazy 😂 Alex out! Hayaaaaaaa!!!

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Offensee Mirror

07.08.2015 | Offensee, Salzkammergut, Austria
07.08.2015 | Offensee, Salzkammergut, Austria

Hello my friends! 😀

   I was away for a few days, visiting my relatives in upper Austria 🙂 It also happened to be a very hot period with another persistent heatwave hitting Austria, so visiting the mountains seemed like the perfect getaway.

   First stop was Offensee, a beautiful lake located between mountains, 649 meters above sea level. The lake has a maximum length and width of about 900 meters each and 38 meters maximum depth. During summer, the water temperature can reach 22 Celsius but i am sure that it was a lot warmer when i took a dive in on the way back.

   A hiking path starts from Offensee that leads up to Rinnerhütte (1474 meters) and from there you can make it to many different mountain tops! I started my hike from Offensee and reached Wildensee at 1,535 meters above sea level for a refreshing swim! It was a dream! 😍

Stay tuned for more photos! 😀

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Fireworks and celebrations

"Lichterfest 2015", 01.08.2015 | Alte Donau, Vienna, Austria
“Lichterfest 2015”, 01.08.2015 | Alte Donau, Vienna, Austria


Hello my dear friends,

  Last night was the night of the “Lichterfest”, a beautiful show with fireworks and romantic boat rides under the moonlight. Unfortunately, i came a little late to the party and didn’t have time to set up my camera, so i missed a good 5 minutes from the 15 that the fireworks lasted. I think this is probably the best shot i got from last night, the one with most colors combined at least! 😀

  It was a beautiful night and for me it was also a nice way to celebrate my recent success…After going through a tough preparation and selection period, i was chosen amongst many candidates, to be granted a full year of intensive studies and practical training on Graphic Design, Multimedia and Marketing communication. 😍 A new chapter begins this September… Another dream comes true…

  It all feels so unreal…I feel so blessed that i’ve been given this amazing opportunity, which i would have never gotten if i had stayed in Greece. I miss my family and my friends, on nights like yesterday even more… but this is my time… it’s time to finally find my way and create a life for me…

  Cue the fireworks!!! 🎆🎆🎆

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Wakeboarding into the sunset

15.07.2015 | Neue Donau, Vienna, Austria
15.07.2015 | Neue Donau, Vienna, Austria

   Summer is definitely here and Austria might not have seas but it’s blessed with beautiful lakes and rivers. In Vienna, the Danube river is an excellent alternative for the hot summer days and Viennese people sure know how to enjoy it 😀

   There is a Wakeboarding lift in the New Danube area, which i find totally cool! I stayed there and watched for a few minutes, some guys did real awesome tricks, others kept falling. I’ve also noticed quite a few girls doing this, so that was refreshing to see! Austrian girls are definitely more sporty than Greek girls… sorry to say that girls but you know it’s true! I was considered “extreme” cause i was riding a bike… Well, maybe i was a bit “extreme” cause i was running like hell and jumping off dirt mounts like there was no tomorrow! It’s the need for speed, it’s not my fault 😛 But yeah, i find it really nice to see so many girls here involved into all kinds of sports! 😀

Wakeboarding into the Sunset II by V-Light Photography
If you fall, you gotta get up and try again… but first you need to walk back to the lift 😛


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Heavenly Donau

09.07.2015 | Alte Donau, Vienna, Austria
09.07.2015 | Alte Donau, Vienna, Austria


Hello my dear friends,

   Here is another perspective of the same sunset that is also depicted in my last photo “Duality“. This one was taken from a bridge, not water level and it was taken about 7 minutes later. The sky was changing every minute and i was running like crazy trying to get to different locations so i can take as many different shots as i could. You don’t get such a sky every day…

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09.07.2015 |Two sides of a sunset, Alte Donau, Vienna, Austria
09.07.2015 | Alte Donau, Vienna, Austria


Hello again my friends,

   Yes, it’s me again, so soon! Inspiration is back and how can it not be with these amazing skies that take over Vienna every evening?… It’s been crazy o_O

   Yesterday, it was an amazing cloudy day from the get go, at around 7pm when i finally decided to go for a walk with my camera hoping to catch a nice sunset, all clouds had disappeared… I was almost ready to give up and go back home but still, i kept walking around aimlessly, cursing the clear blue sky for not being good enough for photos! At about 8pm, some clouds started to appear but still not enough to make it interesting. The sunset here is officially at 8:45pm, so i was hoping that until then the scenery might change…

   So then the wind started to get stronger, the few clouds that were present started to turn dark, rain was coming! I put on my rain jacket and got ready for action! At 8:30pm the whole sky was filled with clouds and the sun was shyly giving away some warm rays as it started to decent on the horizon. I started to run in the rain to reach a good spot to take my photos. I thought going down to the water level might be interesting and but that took some time and by then it was already 8:40pm and the sun was giving away a last but stronger blast of beauty!

   I was in the right place, at the right time! I immediately noticed, that right in front of my feet there was a fight going on between the warm and the cold, the day and the night and i was standing right in the middle… At 8:41pm, i took this shot and i can honestly say that it has been a really long time since i was so excited and emotional about a photo i took… So here it is… Nature’s masterpiece in all its glory!

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Sunset in the Abyss

Sunset In the Abyss by V-Light Photography
25.06.2015 | A breathtaking sunset at Donauinsel, Vienna, Austria

Hello my friends,

   I’m back with a darker image after all the gardens and the flowers. Lens distortion was left intentionally uncorrected as i feel that it gives an unsettling feeling and a sense of chaos.

   Chaos, that is the right word to describe the whole situation that has been going on lately. Greece is walking on thin ice and what happens in the next days will not only determine the future of the country but of the whole European Union as well… My life has been pretty chaotic too, many changes, too many photos, not in the right mood to edit them and do them justice. Does that make sense?

   I don’t know… I always feel bad when i realize i’ve been away from the WordPress community for a lot longer than i planned and i never seem to understand how it keeps happening. I recently noticed that my blog reached 20.000+ visits! :o And i would like to thank the people who keep coming back to check if i posted something new, even though i seem to mess up my schedule every time!

  Uncertainty, i never dealt well with this lady… But she’s become my closest friend since i moved here, without even asking me. I’m still struggling to come to terms with the fact that i’m bound to keep carrying her around and eventually learn to ignore her as much as i can if i want to stay focused on what’s important and move forward in my life…

  So, i might not know how long i can stay in this current apartment, i might not know if i will make it and win a place to study Graphic Design and Multimedia, i might not know when i’ll be able to visit Greece again, i might not know many things… but i know one thing… You just got to try baby…

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