And there was snow…

And there was snow by V-Light
28.12.2014 | Richtberg, Austria


Hello my dear friends,

  As you probably already know, i spend my Christmas in upper Austria…and there was snow…a lot of snow! 😀 In the next days i will upload some of the photos i took there before we return to the usual Vienna posts. So this was actually my first contact with snow after many years of seeing none in Greece. You can imagine that i was ecstatic but also really not well prepared! Thankfully i had my uncle lent me some warm gloves, hiking shoes and gaiters (German: Gamaschen, i finally managed to learn that word!😂) for not getting all wet, cause the snow at some parts of the mountain was knee high! I was ready for some serious action!

And there was snow_2 by V-Light

  It was still snowing relentlessly when we decided to go for a hike and while it was really beautiful it made taking photos very hard. I ended up taking most photos with my mobile phone (coming up on the next post) and only a few with my DSLR. My one and only Canon 60D is not really weather sealed so i couldn’t risk it. What do you use to protect your camera from getting all wet? Cause the umbrella sure didn’t work, with being windy and all that, my camera got covered in snow in a matter of seconds! I dared to take only a few shots, before putting it back in my backpack…but my uncle had enough time to snap a cool backstage photo 😎 Say, snowcovered-icy-cheeeeeeese!!!❆❆❆


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Sunrise over the mountains

Sunrise over the mountains by V-Light
Sunrise in Reindlmühl, Austria

Hello my dear friends,

  It’s already been a month since i moved to Austria and i feel like a new person…There is no looking back or thoughts of doubt, it had to be done and i couldn’t be happier that i’m able to share it with you all.

  This weekend i visited my relatives in upper Austria, Gmunden and Altmünster. I had an amazing time and it was really lovely to see them all again after almost 8 years. It’s been too long since my last visit in Austria, when previously we used to visit almost every year. It still feels surreal that i actually live in Austria now but the breathtaking nature and the smiles i receive everyday make it real.

  Enjoy a panoramic view from the mountains in Reindlmühl area, it was really refreshing to wake up to this view for 2 days! I’m really lucky to have an aunt and uncle that live on the mountainside 😀 More photos to come!

  P.s. Click on the image to view it in a larger size 😉

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Fiery Sunset

Fiery Sunset by V-Light
Fiery sunset at Nimfaio mountain, Greece | HDR made in Photomatix, by combining 7 shots -3,-2,-1,0,1,2,+3


  This may be most beautiful sunset i have ever witnessed 🙂 It was a really cold day and after hiking for many hours, you could feel the chill in your bones as the daylight was slowly going away. We were ready to leave, already dreaming of our warm homes but at that very moment, a symphony of  golden colors flooded the sky and it’s incredible how the warmth of the sun managed to warm my heart…

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Fungi in the sun

Fungi in the sun by V-Light
Nimfaio mountain | 26.10.2012


  Been digging up some older photos related to nature for something that i’ve been working on the past 2 weeks…If everything goes as planned i’ll be able to share more details in the beginning of next week!

p.s. Does anybody know the scientific name of this mushroom?

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You were supposed to be a waterfall

You were supposed to be a waterfall by V-Light
80m seasonal waterfall in Frakto forest, Drama | 06.11.2011


  I really love water, in all its forms and i was really looking forward to seeing this 80 meter tall waterfall, one of the biggest in Balkans. Unfortunately it is a seasonal waterfall and there was barely any water there. I can imagine that during spring, after all the snow has melted this must be a really nice sight to see. I must absolutely go back there one day soon…


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The sun is going down…

Sunset at Nimfaio mountain, Greece | 26.10.2012
Sunset at Nimfaio mountain, Greece | 26.10.2012


  What can i say about this one…I had this photo printed for an exhibition and people certainly stopped and stared in awe. I received a ton of positive comments but there were also some comments that stuck with me: “This cannot be real”, “The sun and the rays were photoshopped into the image”, “Were you actually there?”…Hahaha…Well this photo is 100% real, nothing was photoshopped in it…I do understand that some people cannot understand how you can get such a result when shooting against the sun. To do this i used a tripod and took 9 bracketed shots covering the whole dynamic range of the scene. I used Photomatix to combine the shots and Photoshop to do some simple post-processing like adding more contrast, sharpness and warmth. The flare effect was created by the lens, no photoshop there. I don’t like to remove or add elements in my photos, the only thing i remove is dust spots and little birds that look like spots :p

  What’s your opinion about HDR? Do you think that an HDR image is fake even though it portrays exactly a moment in time?

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