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I made it my goal to try and view the place i grew up and spend most of my life, with a different eye. This panorama was taken from a construction site next to my house that has been abandoned for some years now. I always wondered how the view would be from up there and now that i saw this, i want a balcony up there πŸ˜€ I did not post-process this image except from stitching the photos together, i think the natural colors do it enough justice.

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Natural Sunsets


Sunset_1 by V-Light
Thessaloniki | 30.10.2012


Β  After some very interesting comments on, if HDR is considered fake or not and when do we really need to post-process a photo, i thought i’d make this post, inspired by Robert‘sΒ  latest post:, here are two sunset photos without any editing! Both were shot at Thessaloniki’s seafront and were created by combining several horizontal shots (16 shots at 17mm for the first photo and 8 shots at 35mm for the second one). I used Photoshop for the stitching and the only other thing i did was to resize them, put my watermark and done! There’s a real pleasure into getting a beautiful photo without any editing. As i said i do like to use HDR and enjoy to edit my photos in order to re-create exactly what i was feeling, not only seeing, at each place i’ve visited but sometimes there’s really no need to do anything.

Thessaloniki | 06.02.2011


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