Leaving Offensee and going up higher…


Hello hello, i’m back again! 😀

   Let’s pick up where we left off, shall we? The beautiful Offensee lake and the beginning of the hiking trail… So, moving forward, i couldn’t resist to take one more mirrored photo at Offensee, cause i knew that when we would return in the late afternoon, the light would be completely different.

Offensee Mirror II by V-Light Photography

   And behold, as we kept going up the trail, the hot summer sun made its appearance! The first strong rays were shooting behind the mountain…making it already uncomfortably hot ☀

The first morning rays by V-Light Photography

   2.5 hours later, after hiking up the steep trail, the view was already different! The sun was out, colors saturated, with Offensee, our starting point, looking like a little puddle of water in the distance! The feeling was amazing and all the sweat was well spent! I mean look at that 😍

Offensee from high above by V-Light Photography

   Rinnerhütte (1474 meters) was not far anymore. The trail was a lot easier now and i was looking forward for a little break before going up higher to finally enjoy my first swim in an Austrian lake! Next stop, Wildensee! Buckle up! 😀

P.s. I’m so sorry for taking so long to post these photos but just last week i learned that i must move out of my current apartment! Third time in less than a year and in such a short notice! So, i’m in the apartment search mode once again! Hopefully third time’s a charm, cause with my studies coming up, the last thing i need is having to worry about moving stuff… This whole situation feels like a joke actually, i can’t stress about it, not now that everything in my life is finally falling into place. Maybe i’m crazy but i’m zen crazy 😂 Alex out! Hayaaaaaaa!!!

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Offensee Mirror

07.08.2015 | Offensee, Salzkammergut, Austria
07.08.2015 | Offensee, Salzkammergut, Austria

Hello my friends! 😀

   I was away for a few days, visiting my relatives in upper Austria 🙂 It also happened to be a very hot period with another persistent heatwave hitting Austria, so visiting the mountains seemed like the perfect getaway.

   First stop was Offensee, a beautiful lake located between mountains, 649 meters above sea level. The lake has a maximum length and width of about 900 meters each and 38 meters maximum depth. During summer, the water temperature can reach 22 Celsius but i am sure that it was a lot warmer when i took a dive in on the way back.

   A hiking path starts from Offensee that leads up to Rinnerhütte (1474 meters) and from there you can make it to many different mountain tops! I started my hike from Offensee and reached Wildensee at 1,535 meters above sea level for a refreshing swim! It was a dream! 😍

Stay tuned for more photos! 😀

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