Self-Portrait III

21.02.2018 | Vienna, Austria

Hello my friends,

Smile!!! 📸 You probably know that I love landscape and urban photography but what you don’t know is that I also have fun shooting portraits. Having said that get ready for some awesome portraits in the following days and no it won’t be only my face 😂

Camera: Canon 60D (Settings: 1/200 sec, f/7.1, ISO-160, 0 step, 54mm)
Lens: Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4 DC MACRO OS HSM
Tripod: Hähnel Triad 40 Lite
Light: Hähnel MODUS 600RT Wireless Kit

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Julia III

01.01.2017 | Vienna, Austria
01.01.2017 | Vienna, Austria

The light was simply magical! There is very little editing done in this photo and also the previous one and i must say the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM can really perform for such a cheap lens. I’m really pleased with it and inspired to do more portraits this year!

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Julia I

1.01.2017 | Vienna, Austria
01.01.2017 | Vienna, Austria

Hello my friends! Are you still recovering from all the festivities and food overload? I will kick off 2017 with a portrait! My very first photoshoot for this year, weirdly enough, was a portrait session! It was a lovely day with my friend Julia, it was super cold but the awesome light and the fun we had was totally worth it! And you’ll see what i mean with awesome light in the next photos!

Goal for 2017: shoot more portraits!!!

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My face when… (fill in the blank)

My Face When by V-Light

 Hello my lovely people 😀

  Meet Sicilian, a very cool feral cat that decided he wanted to be our friend. He’s been roaming around our house for more than 2 years now and he always wants to be petted. If you don’t pet him, he’ll demand it… If you ignore him, he’ll follow you around and the faces he makes are priceless! So when do you look like that?

  For me it would be something like: My face when the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream truck passes right outside of my house (but it never stops at my village…)

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Into the light…

Into the light by V-Light
Self-Portrait, using only the available light coming from between the window shutters


Hello my friends 🙂

  I was sitting on my bed trying to find some inspiration to create something, scribbling down not so great poetry and enjoying the silence. Then it hit me…A very bright ray of sunlight found its way between the closed window shutters. I have not taken a self-portrait for a very long time. I used to enjoy experimenting with all my crazy ideas on myself, i guess somewhere along the way i stopped finding my face inspiring…Well, that little ray of light made me think that maybe it was worth it to at least try and take a photo and see what happens…

  I placed my camera on the tripod, used a manual lens, the Helios 44M (f/2.0 58mm), i had to move back and forward trying to focus myself from the little i saw on the screen of my Canon 60D. It took many tries to get it right but i’m quite pleased with the result…You better like it cause i almost got blind trying to take it! 😛 Hehe, all comments are welcome of course 🙂

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This happens when i’m bored…

Self Portrait | September 2011
Self Portrait | September 2011


  Something different this time. I enjoy taking photos of myself, i think it’s a lot of fun to experiment and see how many different looks you can pull off. This photo was taken during a day when i was utterly bored, so no it was not Halloween! It started off by me just wearing the hoodie but i thought it was nothing really interesting and i ended up using white eye shadow to make my whole face white and black eye shadow for the lips and under the eyes. I have no make-up supplies at home so i used some leftovers from a halloween party. I decided i wanted to create a creepy looking character, so i didn’t try to look pretty for this one. And that’s probably one of the few photos that i used a slight texture overlay for those white specks you see. I also lowered the saturation, leaving only a hint of color. My hair was actually dyed white back then so that’s no Photoshop. P.s. I really miss my white hair.

Equipment used: Canon 450D, lens: 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS, Canon 580ex ii off-camera flash, shutter speed 1/90s, f/8, iso 100, focal length 18mm.

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