Reflections of Karlskirche and last summer

Reflections of Karlskirche and last summer by V-Light Photography
26.06.2015 | Karlskirche, Vienna, Austria


Hello my dear friends,

Β  Spring is here and i hope you are all having a beautiful time. My sympathies go to all the people with allergies! I had very little time with my studies to take photos of the flowers and the bees but i will make a spring post before summer comes πŸ˜› That’s a realistic goal i think!

Β  But kidding aside, in 2 weeks time, the web-design module will be done!!! And that means going back to the regular 7:30-15:00 schedule, rather than the brutal 7:30-16:30, and constant migraines from 9 hours sitting in front of a computer screen! The next 4 months will be some kind of internship, practicing all the things we learned and also doing our own projects! I really look forward to that! I need to get back on track with my things and do what i love asap! πŸ™‚ I need to get my creative juices running again!

Β  If not now, when? When everything is blooming and so much new energy and possibilities are around, i say the time is now! πŸ˜‰


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Floridotower by V-Light

Β  Exploring the neighborhood has been really fun and rewarding so far. I guess living outside of the city center has its advantages! πŸ˜‰ I cannot get enough of the beautiful nature that surrounds the area and i already envision these scenes with snow! Floridotower is an office complex located in Floridsdorf (21st District of Vienna) and it reaches the height of 113 meters! More photos of the water park coming soon! πŸ˜€

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Sunset at the Concert Hall

Sunset at the Concert Hall by V-Light
Thessaloniki Concert Hall | 20.10.2013


Β  I remember when i first saw this building, i wasn’t very impressed. I even thought it looked kinda ugly and maybe too modern for this city but one afternoon i discovered all its brilliance. I’m no architect so perhaps i’m not able to appreciate all the aspects of it, so when i was hearing about the Japanese architect (Arata Isozaki) who designed it and how innovative it was and blah blah…I must admit i was like “that’s all crap”…But now i see it. The way it was designed and placed near the waterfront was all intentional. With its glass exterior it manages to merge with the surrounding landscape. It looks like you can see right through it but the continuation of the sea and the horizon is only a reflection…If that’s not genius i don’t know what is!

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Walk right through

Walk right through by V-Light
Thessaloniki Concert Hall | 20.10.2013

Β  Time is 18:14pm. The sun is almost setting. People and their shadows are walking through the glass hall that leads to the main concert room. Glass, sun, sea, concrete, people, reflections of the city, in this magic hour it all blends into one.


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Lost in the realm of Reflections

Reflection III by V-Light
Did i ever tell you? I love reflections! Yesterday i went for fishing with my dad and next to the sea there was this little puddle of water surrounded by reeds. I noticed the reflections and next thing i know i stayed there and took photos for like an hour. I even saw two little ducks and another weird bird.

Reflection I by V-Light

Reflection II by V-Light

I chose to turn these photos into black and white because the colors were really gray anyway as the sky was really cloudy. Also i think it really adds to the whole atmosphere. For the black and white editing i used Silver Efex Pro. All the elements are purely reflections no actual reed was photographed.

Reflection IV by V-Light

Reflection V by V-Light

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