The Gloriette Part II

Hello my dear friends,

  Here are a few more photos of the glorious Gloriette, before we move to my favorite part of the Schönbrunn gardens… The Palmenhaus!!! You will love it, trust me! 😉 For now enjoy some other views of the Gloriette and have a happy weekend! 😀

Gloriette II by V-Light Photography
The water was weirdly colored that day…looks really metallic…


Gloriette IV by V-Light Photography
Getting low and closer…


Gloriette III by V-Light Photography

The front face of the Gloriette bears the following inscription:


(“Erected under the reign of Emperor Joseph II and Empress Maria Theresa, 1775.”)

Gloriette V by V-Light Photography
Side view


Gloriette VI by V-Light Photography
The guardians of the Gloriette


Gloriette VII by V-Light Photography
The Gloriette has eyes that watch you from high above… o_O


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The Gloriette

Gloriette by V-Light Photography
The Gloriette in the Schönbrunn Palace Garden, Vienna, Austria


  A gloriette (from the 12th century French gloire meaning “little room”) is a building in a garden erected on a site that is elevated with respect to the surroundings. The structural execution and shape can vary greatly, often in the form of a pavilion or tempietto, more or less open on the sides.

  The largest and probably most well-known gloriette is in the Schönbrunn Palace Garden in Vienna. Built in 1775 as the last building constructed in the garden according to the plans of Austrian imperial architect Johann Ferdinand Hetzendorf von Hohenberg as a “temple of renown” to serve as both a focal point and a lookout point for the garden, it was used as a dining hall and festival hall as well as a breakfast room for emperor Franz Joseph I. The dining hall, which was used up until the end of the monarchy, today has a café in it, and on the roof an observation platform overlooks Vienna. The Gloriette’s decorative sculptures were made by the famous Salzburg sculptor Johann Baptist von Hagenauer. The Gloriette was destroyed in the Second World War, but had already been restored by 1947, and was restored again in 1995. Source: (

Ducking Around The Gloriette by V-Light Photography
Ducking around the Gloriette


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Hello Schönbrunn!

Hello Schönbrunn by V-Light Photography

  A different view of the Schönbrunn palace, taken from inside a water fountain with my new ultra wide angle lens 😀 Did i already say how much i love it? If not, i really do! More photos of the Schönbrunn palace are coming up! Have a great weekend my friends!

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A taste of Loutra

Hello my dear friends! 😀

  Next stop is a little community called Loutra. Loutra literally means baths/bathhouse! The village got its name from the hot springs that exist there, famous for their healing properties. The first spring was discovered by a farmer who was looking for sulfur to sprinkle on his vines. After the end of World War II, residents blasted the rocks with dynamite and out of them gushed hydrosulfide with a water temperature of 39C/102F. There used to be volcano in the area and that’s what makes these springs so unique.

  Unfortunately i do not have any photos of the springs, or the luxurious spa but i can tell you this…Hydrosylfide stinks!!! No, i mean it really stinks! My dad used to visit the springs and i still remember how he smelled like a rotten egg combined with a hot fart. I hope you were not eating while reading this, if you were i’m really sorry…but it’s true 😛

  I’ll try to make it up to you with some photos of the area around Loutra. Click on them to start a full screen gallery view 🙂


Day 16 of the V-Light Art Sale and we are now at 61% 😀 I’ll be making a more detailed post about my campaign tomorrow as we will reach the mid point of the duration. Shares are always welcome! 😉


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