University of Edinburgh Photographic Society, “Elements & Journeys” Exhibition



Hello my dear friends!

Β  I’m very happy to share with you this exhibition that i was blessed to be a part of. PhotoSoc is the photographic society of the University of Edinburgh that was founded in 1890 and it’s the older and largest university photographic society in the UK. FOAPTH (Photography Club of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) is an independent photography society based in Greece that was founded in 1987. For more than 25 years, the society has organized photography lessons, trips, exhibitions and other photography related activities.

Β  2014 marks FOAPTH’s first collaboration with PhotoSoc, with an entry of 15 photos for the “Elements” category. As a member of FOAPTH, i participated with 2 photos, choosing the element of water. The opening of the exhibition took place at the Mash House in Edinburgh, on the 29th of March. I had no way to be there but luckily one of the FOAPTH members, Vasilis, had moved to Edinburgh a few months ago and took some photos of the exhibition.

PhotoSoc 2014_Emerald Lake by V-Light
Emerald Lake of Skra
PhotoSoc 2014_Little Waterfall by V-Light
Little Waterfall in Skra



PhotoSoc 2014_Little Waterfall_2 by V-Light

PhotoSoc 2014_Emerald Lake_2 by V-Light

Β  Now my photos can brag about having been in Edinburgh! One day, i hope i can say i’ve been to Edinburgh myself! πŸ˜€ Who knows what the future holds but one thing we do know, 15 photos of PhotoSoc members will in turn be displayed in the annual FOAPTH exhibition in late May in Thessaloniki, Greece.


For more photos of the exhibition you can visit this link:



Vasilis Tsitlakidis:


The Emerald Lake

Beautiful relaxing place in Skra, Greee | 2012
A beautiful and relaxing place in Skra, Greece | 2012


Β  It’s no wonder how this place got its name…The beautiful emerald waters of the lake offer a refreshing and relaxing experience to any visitor. People from Thessaloniki often choose Skra for a quick getaway, since it’s not very far by car. During my short visit last year, i took a ton of photos and at the moment i’m editing a generous selection of photos to make a nice feature post about this little paradise. Stay tuned πŸ˜‰


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The Little Waterfall

The Little Waterfall by V-Light
One of the many little waterfalls in Skra, Greece | 2012


Β  The beauty of northern Greece because Greece is not only about the sea and the islands. I need to make a feature post with a collection of photos from my visit to Skra, i have too many photos to post individually πŸ™‚

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