If the world would end…

If the world would end by V-Light Photography
05.06.2016 | Augartenbrücke, Vienna, Austria


Hello my lovely people! 😀

  The crazy weather, still reigns here in Vienna but i can’t complain…I got some very special skies to photograph and that makes me happy of course! Getting wet was only a minor detail, i was still running around with a huge grin on my face! 😉 Would it be weird if i wished for more weather like this?

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Reflections of Karlskirche and last summer

Reflections of Karlskirche and last summer by V-Light Photography
26.06.2015 | Karlskirche, Vienna, Austria


Hello my dear friends,

  Spring is here and i hope you are all having a beautiful time. My sympathies go to all the people with allergies! I had very little time with my studies to take photos of the flowers and the bees but i will make a spring post before summer comes 😛 That’s a realistic goal i think!

  But kidding aside, in 2 weeks time, the web-design module will be done!!! And that means going back to the regular 7:30-15:00 schedule, rather than the brutal 7:30-16:30, and constant migraines from 9 hours sitting in front of a computer screen! The next 4 months will be some kind of internship, practicing all the things we learned and also doing our own projects! I really look forward to that! I need to get back on track with my things and do what i love asap! 🙂 I need to get my creative juices running again!

  If not now, when? When everything is blooming and so much new energy and possibilities are around, i say the time is now! 😉


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When worlds collide…

When worlds collide by V-Light Photography
21.07.2015 | Gasometer, Vienna, Austria


   Everything is falling into the sun…

one side is the obvious and the real

the other is made out of reflections and fragments of reality

that stand on true foundations still.

Both sides are burning, yearning to feel the same

mirroring each other

they communicate much more than the eye can see.

Only way you can understand it

is to let go of what you think you knew

and let your heart feel the glory

without bounds, without fear.


Hello dear friends,

  It’s been the most weird and but also beautiful time for me.  The longer study times (7:30 until 16:30) during the very intensive Web-Design module, are exhausting, especially for a very active person like me, who is forced to sit in front of a computer the whole day, i’m turning into a zombie couch-potato. P.s. we don’t even have an internet connection there, so no side-browsing or time to check social media, etc! This whole thing has been taking toll in many aspects of my life but i’m still thankful that i can learn so many new things that will definitely help me progress.

  My photography has been temporarily put on the back burner again, my personal life and my well being need to come first but do not fear, i will keep coming back again. This blog and the lovely community here mean too much to me, so even if i wander away for some time i will always find my way back. ^^’

  Hope you are all doing well! Sending all my love from the sunny but cold Vienna…Waiting for the spring to come 😀

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Let’s start over again…

Let's start over again by V-Light Photography
01.11.2015 | Alte Donau, Vienna, Austria

Hellooo, anybody out there??? 😮

   How can one make a strong comeback after being away for 4 months? Don’t ask me… I’ve totally messed that up 😛 But here i am now, trying to find a way to make this work again. It was never my intention to be away for so long. I’m really sorry. I don’t wanna get into details, cause what happened happened, i reached my limits, i crashed, needed time to recharge, re-align, re-envision my photography and my life in general…

   The Graphic Design studies are going very well, i really enjoy them, even if they leave me with virtually no free time. Learning how to illustrate might have been the funniest experience for me, since i never had a talent for drawing but i discovered i might not be that bad after all! XD End of November, i finally moved into a new apartment with two roommates (hopefully for the long run this time), after temporarily living for one month at the house of a very kind fellow graphic design student, who literally saved me from the very unpleasant situation of having no roof over my head…

   I can only say, i’m extremely thankful for all the unexpected help i received when i needed it the most. ❤ So, here we are again, missed a whole season of beautiful autumn moments but i will do my best to close up this gap. I have a ton of stuff to show you, so i hope, you’ll bear with me, until i catch up with all your lovely posts and what you have been up to all this time. I hope you’re all doing well and had a great start to 2016! Looking forward to read from you and i must say i’m extremely happy to be back! Let’s do this! 😀

Truly yours, 🐻


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Wakeboarding into the sunset

15.07.2015 | Neue Donau, Vienna, Austria
15.07.2015 | Neue Donau, Vienna, Austria

   Summer is definitely here and Austria might not have seas but it’s blessed with beautiful lakes and rivers. In Vienna, the Danube river is an excellent alternative for the hot summer days and Viennese people sure know how to enjoy it 😀

   There is a Wakeboarding lift in the New Danube area, which i find totally cool! I stayed there and watched for a few minutes, some guys did real awesome tricks, others kept falling. I’ve also noticed quite a few girls doing this, so that was refreshing to see! Austrian girls are definitely more sporty than Greek girls… sorry to say that girls but you know it’s true! I was considered “extreme” cause i was riding a bike… Well, maybe i was a bit “extreme” cause i was running like hell and jumping off dirt mounts like there was no tomorrow! It’s the need for speed, it’s not my fault 😛 But yeah, i find it really nice to see so many girls here involved into all kinds of sports! 😀

Wakeboarding into the Sunset II by V-Light Photography
If you fall, you gotta get up and try again… but first you need to walk back to the lift 😛


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Heavenly Donau

09.07.2015 | Alte Donau, Vienna, Austria
09.07.2015 | Alte Donau, Vienna, Austria


Hello my dear friends,

   Here is another perspective of the same sunset that is also depicted in my last photo “Duality“. This one was taken from a bridge, not water level and it was taken about 7 minutes later. The sky was changing every minute and i was running like crazy trying to get to different locations so i can take as many different shots as i could. You don’t get such a sky every day…

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09.07.2015 |Two sides of a sunset, Alte Donau, Vienna, Austria
09.07.2015 | Alte Donau, Vienna, Austria


Hello again my friends,

   Yes, it’s me again, so soon! Inspiration is back and how can it not be with these amazing skies that take over Vienna every evening?… It’s been crazy o_O

   Yesterday, it was an amazing cloudy day from the get go, at around 7pm when i finally decided to go for a walk with my camera hoping to catch a nice sunset, all clouds had disappeared… I was almost ready to give up and go back home but still, i kept walking around aimlessly, cursing the clear blue sky for not being good enough for photos! At about 8pm, some clouds started to appear but still not enough to make it interesting. The sunset here is officially at 8:45pm, so i was hoping that until then the scenery might change…

   So then the wind started to get stronger, the few clouds that were present started to turn dark, rain was coming! I put on my rain jacket and got ready for action! At 8:30pm the whole sky was filled with clouds and the sun was shyly giving away some warm rays as it started to decent on the horizon. I started to run in the rain to reach a good spot to take my photos. I thought going down to the water level might be interesting and but that took some time and by then it was already 8:40pm and the sun was giving away a last but stronger blast of beauty!

   I was in the right place, at the right time! I immediately noticed, that right in front of my feet there was a fight going on between the warm and the cold, the day and the night and i was standing right in the middle… At 8:41pm, i took this shot and i can honestly say that it has been a really long time since i was so excited and emotional about a photo i took… So here it is… Nature’s masterpiece in all its glory!

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Sunset in the Abyss

Sunset In the Abyss by V-Light Photography
25.06.2015 | A breathtaking sunset at Donauinsel, Vienna, Austria

Hello my friends,

   I’m back with a darker image after all the gardens and the flowers. Lens distortion was left intentionally uncorrected as i feel that it gives an unsettling feeling and a sense of chaos.

   Chaos, that is the right word to describe the whole situation that has been going on lately. Greece is walking on thin ice and what happens in the next days will not only determine the future of the country but of the whole European Union as well… My life has been pretty chaotic too, many changes, too many photos, not in the right mood to edit them and do them justice. Does that make sense?

   I don’t know… I always feel bad when i realize i’ve been away from the WordPress community for a lot longer than i planned and i never seem to understand how it keeps happening. I recently noticed that my blog reached 20.000+ visits! :o And i would like to thank the people who keep coming back to check if i posted something new, even though i seem to mess up my schedule every time!

  Uncertainty, i never dealt well with this lady… But she’s become my closest friend since i moved here, without even asking me. I’m still struggling to come to terms with the fact that i’m bound to keep carrying her around and eventually learn to ignore her as much as i can if i want to stay focused on what’s important and move forward in my life…

  So, i might not know how long i can stay in this current apartment, i might not know if i will make it and win a place to study Graphic Design and Multimedia, i might not know when i’ll be able to visit Greece again, i might not know many things… but i know one thing… You just got to try baby…

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Show me your colors

Show me your colors by V-Light

  After all the colorless and snowy photos, i felt the need to upload something warmer and vibrant. I’m still searching for my Vienna, but at a moment like this one, when the sky burns and colors explode into a crazy dance that changes its tune every few minutes, to eventually fade away as the darkness takes over…This, this is when i feel i’m getting closer to my goal…

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Timelapse: Fiery Clouds of Vienna’s Skies

Hello my dear friends,

My new timelapse is finally online and allow me to say that it’s probably my best one so far! Watch the Viennese skies as they catch on fire!

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy holiday season with your loved ones! ♥

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