Timelapse: Full moon + 1/4 eclipse, 07 August 2017, Vienna, Austria

Hello friends,

what did I hear you say? You missed seeing my timelapses? Well guess what, you are in luck! 😛 I love doing timelapses and I did quite a few during my mysterious disappearance. This is just a short one for all the moon lovers out there. Hope you enjoy it 🌒

Equipment used for this video:

Camera: Canon 60D
Lens: Jupiter-37A 135mm f/3.5 + Vivitar teleconverter x2
Tripod: Hähnel Triad 40 Lite

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Timelapse: Fiery Clouds of Vienna’s Skies

Hello my dear friends,

My new timelapse is finally online and allow me to say that it’s probably my best one so far! Watch the Viennese skies as they catch on fire!

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy holiday season with your loved ones! ♥

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Timelapse: Sunset at the Donau river

  Hello my friends! Here’s a brand new timelapse i made in Vienna 😀 The place where i’m temporary staying is right next to the river so i do spend a lot of time in the area. To be honest it inspires me more than the overly photographed and crowded city center! I hope you enjoy it as well!

  Wishing you all a great weekend! ♥

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Timelapse: SuperMoon Rising, 12 July 2014, Greece

  Another SuperMoon tonight! Did you get to see it? I shot a little timelapse again but i still think last year’s was the best! Maybe August’s SuperMoon will be a better contender… I’m starting to think they ended up naming each typical full moon a supermoon just to make a fuss about it. Not impressed here…

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Timelapse: Thessaloniki Sunsets

Hello my friends! 😀

  I’ve been feeling extra creative the last few days so i decided to gather some rather old footage and make a timelapse with it. It’s mostly an experiment with tracking and panning within Sony Vegas Pro…I think it can create an interesting result. I will be working on my extra epic sky timelapse now…It takes forever because i  must remove the birds, frame by frame or else you’d be seeing black dots all over the place. Being a perfectionist, i can’t live with that 😛

  Let me know what you think of this timelapse. Any comments are welcome. The quality was greatly degraded because of YouTube, maybe i didn’t choose the best export settings but oh well 🙂

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Timelapse: SuperMoon Rising, 23 June 2013, Greece

Timelapse of the amazing supermoon, rising over the forest in Kriopigi, Greece, 23 June 2013.

Shot with: Canon 60D, Jupiter 135mm f/3,5 + Vivitar teleconverter x2 and Magic Lantern.

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