Paradise on Earth – Part I

  Kavourotripes is a well hidden paradise located in the middle of Sithonia. Even though access is hard, it’s a very famous destination and a lot of people visit it to enjoy the magical turquoise water and the contrasting white rocks.

  I was hearing a lot about this place and it’s not very far away from where i live but believe me no matter what you hear, or how many gorgeous photos you see, nothing compares to the experience of actually being there. I can confirm that now that i’ve been there 🙂 It was magical. A paradise on earth. So many saturated colors, your eyes would have a hard time to conceive that they are real…

  To reach this well hidden gem, you need to leave your car in a dirt road in the forest and walk all the way down. The most approachable place is the most crowded as well. It’s a little beach enclave, the only place there with sand and even has a little bar and a ship that transfers people to a second beach enclave many meters away. Since i treasure my personal space and prefer to hear the tunes of cicadas instead of babies crying and people’s cacophonic compositions, we took the hard approach and walked a lot to reach this beautiful area pictured in the gallery below. There was a lonely tree at the edge of the rocky cliff, providing some much needed shade and an excellent place to rest.

  I took a few photos of the surrounding environment but it didn’t take long, to decide that it was time for that long awaited swim. We climbed down some rocks and left our stuff down there at the water level. Some flat rocks, provided an excellent surface for that but my tender feet still complained about their roughness. There were many sea urchins around adding a bit of danger to the whole experience but with waters so crystal clear you could easily see where it was safe to step to.

  Need i explain, the feeling of refreshed happiness when my sunburned skin was surrounded by the therapeutic turquoise water? I leave that for your imagination…And i’ll end this post here leaving you wanting more…Cause we all know that part I means that there is a part II coming up soon…

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Paradise on Earth

Hello hello 😀

I admit it, i cheated! We had one more stop at another beach before reaching this place…but come on, can you blame me? I couldn’t wait to start posting photos from this paradise!!! And because i like to torture you, this is only a sneak preview…Tomorrow you’ll get all the details and many more photos to mentally refresh your hot summer bodies 😀

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Natural Sunsets


Sunset_1 by V-Light
Thessaloniki | 30.10.2012


  After some very interesting comments on, if HDR is considered fake or not and when do we really need to post-process a photo, i thought i’d make this post, inspired by Robert‘s  latest post:, here are two sunset photos without any editing! Both were shot at Thessaloniki’s seafront and were created by combining several horizontal shots (16 shots at 17mm for the first photo and 8 shots at 35mm for the second one). I used Photoshop for the stitching and the only other thing i did was to resize them, put my watermark and done! There’s a real pleasure into getting a beautiful photo without any editing. As i said i do like to use HDR and enjoy to edit my photos in order to re-create exactly what i was feeling, not only seeing, at each place i’ve visited but sometimes there’s really no need to do anything.

Thessaloniki | 06.02.2011


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Why have you forsaken me?

Why have you forsaken me? by V-Light

If you haven’t figured it out by now, i have a thing for boats! This is another abandoned boat i found in Igoumenitsa, Greece. Though it’s an old photo (2009), i still like it. That sunset gave a beautiful tone to the whole image and the slight fog in the background makes it a bit more mysterious. This was shot with my first DSLR camera, a Canon 350D. I kinda miss those days were i would just shoot without thinking about any technical stuff…

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I will wait for you…


I will wait for you by V-Light

One of my first HDR photos and still one of my all time favorites. This photo was taken back in November of 2009, in Igoumenitsa, Greece. I was taking a walk enjoying the sunset and i was mesmerized by the colors and the clouds. I took many photos of the sea and the sunset, they were nice but something was missing. As i continued walking, i saw this boat, i literally ran so i wouldn’t miss the sun that was going down fast. Thankfully i had my camera already set up from the previous shots so i just took a breath, looked through the viewfinder and charged with so many emotions, i took this shot…Then the sun swiftly disappeared behind the horizon…

When i look at it, i can still feel all the emotions that were running through me at that moment…That’s why i still love this photo so much! I would like to know…What do you feel when you look at this image?

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